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Counselor, Associate (Korean Desk)

Specialist area

Kwon Tae has 32 years of experience in business development, project management and construction & design. Mr. Choi has a wide range of expertise in building relations with multinational clients and implementing complex projects for them. He is very experienced in project management, contract procurement, permitting procedure, customs issues and overall project administration.
Kwon Tae has profound knowledge of Russian construction market, the norms and regulations, market players and authorities. He is experienced in different construction sectors: industrial, commercial, hotel, governmental, residential, and due diligence.

Main achievements

In his major projects, Kwon Tae has:
  • has been aimed to create business relations between local parties and Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Asian clients
  • has international construction experience in Russia & CIS, Poland, Czech Republic, Vietnam.
The National Research University Higher School of Economics has held a graduation event for its masters of the compliance programme in which Pepeliaev Group took the role of partner
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The RAUIE has declared Pepeliaev Group the law firm of the year
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Roman Bevzenko has defended his Doctor of Laws dissertation
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