Our victories

A precedent-setting project of Pepeliaev Group: The Supreme Court has considered for the first time a case regarding the possibility of the withdrawal of a claim by a bankrupt debtor being challenged as a transaction. Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers managed to prove in the Russian Supreme Court that the withdrawal of a claim may be challenged as a transaction by an extraordinary appeal of the court ruling to terminate the case and the claimant may provide in court new evidence that the withdrawal of the claim is invalid.
Tax support for the export of medicines The lawyers of Pepeliaev Group's tax department have supported transactions aimed at exporting medicines into foreign markets.
Dispute concerning VAT being collected on the cost of work aimed at organising clinical studies Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers have represented a pharmaceutical company in a dispute with the tax authority in relation to VAT being collected on the cost of the work aimed at organising clinical studies. We won the dispute in the first instance court.
Tax audits Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers have summarised court practice relating to the tax classification of contracts for the organisation of the study of medicines, developed arguments in case the tax authority would raise claims and supported the client in gathering evidence (prepared the defence files) ensuring the defence of the client's interests during a tax audit.
Hospitality expenses on healthcare professionals The lawyers of Pepeliaev Group’s tax department have devised documents minimising tax risks when paying expenses on healthcare professionals.
Advising on tax and regulatory issues Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers have provided advice on tax and regulatory issues concerning a manufacturer of medical products interacting with healthcare professionals.
Pepeliaev Group has elected a new partner
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The National Research University Higher School of Economics has held a graduation event for its masters of the compliance programme in which Pepeliaev Group took the role of partner
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The RAUIE has declared Pepeliaev Group the law firm of the year
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