Pepeliaev Group celebrates its 20th anniversary


Our accomplishments

In 2022, Pepeliaev Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The firm has strengthened considerably over the years: the number of lawyers and other employees has grown fr om around twenty to 300, while the number of clients has increased from 50 to 2,000 and there are now seven offices.

In 2002, we offered legal services in 5 areas of practice. Over twenty years, this has grown to 30. At present, we provide integrated legal services to medium-sized and large enterprises and we boast specialisations in many different industries.

A third of our lawyers have been with the firm for over 15 years, while more than half of our professional workforce have spent over a decade with us. We are a solid and tight-knit team that boasts deep knowledge, coupled with both professional and practical experience.

Over the years, Pepeliaev Group has gained the status of a firm with an exceptional level of expertise. Indeed, we have 28 PhDs in Law and Doctors of Laws and their number is constantly on the rise. Our experts continually work with state bodies at the highest level to draft legislation. Thus they are involved in creating a favourable legal environment in the country.

Our firm's expertise is acknowledged not only by its being highly rated in Russian and international legal rankings every year. The most important thing is that we are chosen by our clients who, from one year to the next, entrust us with the most intricate tasks involving considerable levels of responsibility to ensure the legal protection and development of their businesses.
This how managing partner Sergey Pepeliaev remembers his decision to start up a firm: “There were different proposals, such as to become a global partner in one of the Big Four. The decision in favour of our own law firm, albeit an extremely challenging and cost-intensive exercise, was dictated by a desire to develop Russian consulting to keep it independent of foreign interests. I learned all about what these were while I was working at foreign audit firms. Moreover, we had our own vision of how practical, public and scientific activities should be combined. At major international firms, wh ere what really counts is the financial performance, it is rarely possible to strike a balance”.

An anniversary year

This year, we have planned a number of events to which we will invite our clients, friends and business partners to participate. The formal opening of the anniversary year took place during a ceremonial reception at the Novaya Tretyakovka gallery on 25 January. We invited our clients to a special excursion through an exhibition of unique works by Mikhail Vrubel, to which all tickets have already sold out. We were able to offer this courtesy of the museum, with which we have now been cooperating for many years.

Taking into account the ongoing COVID-related restrictions, we did not have the opportunity to invite all the clients and partners with whom we wanted to share the big day. We will make every effort, though, to ensure that all friends of our firm have a chance to celebrate our anniversary with us during the year. Please keep an eye on our website and do not miss our emails in your mailbox.

Moreover, in 2022, we will run a special project in the journal 'Corporate Lawyer'. Each issue of the journal will be dedicated to one of Pepeliaev Group's practice areas: we will not only present absorbing analytical articles from our lawyers, but will also acquaint readers with our firm's practice groups and their heads. Everything you could ever wish to know about the real estate practice at Pepeliaev Group awaits you in the February issue of the journal.

So let us press on with the celebration!  

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