Legal regulation of the use of natural resources and of environmental protection is one of the most rapidly developing branches of Russian law. A stricter state policy on the environment is shaping manufacturing standards and is creating new challenges for modern business.

For over 6 years, lawyers of Pepeliaev Group have been supporting domestic and international companies in cases related to environmental compliance (protection of air, water, land, forest, mineral and other resources) as part of construction projects, the subsequent operation of industrial facilities, the exploration of the continental shelf and the handling of industrial and consumer waste.

Key services:

  • Reviewing the environmental protection requirements applicable to a project that is being implemented;
  • Applying hygiene and public health rules and regulations;
  • Advising on industrial safety;
  • Working on matters connected with the processing and recycling of waste and with the payment of environmental duty by manufacturers and commodity importers;
  • Support for projects taking place in specially protected natural areas;
  • Resolution of disputes related to harm caused to the environment and to other issues arising from the use of natural resources (including licensing).


Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers have alerted their client of the risks pertaining to the obligation to include overburden dumps in the State Register of Waste Disposal Facilities Our lawyers have prepared a legal opinion for a large mining company in Novosibirsk Region regarding the ‘legalisation’ of overburden dumps.
The Russian Constitutional Court has confirmed that Zapolyarneft's lawyers and Pepeliaev Group have taken the correct position in terms of whether environmental charges are proportional
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