Tax Manoeuvres 2019

RBC’s business conference "Tax Manoeuvres 2019” will be held on 14 February in Moscow.

Industry experts will discuss key new developments in tax legislation, and will speak about the latest trends in tax administration and the developing practice of considering tax disputes in courts.

Tax law experts will present the important changes in sphere of taxation from the standpoints of tax safety and tax planning, and the practical consequences of these changes for business.

Session 1. New Developments in Legislation and Practice

Topics include:

  • Rating of tax events of 2018
  • Areas for the development of tax administration in the near future
  • Legislative changes from 2019: what to note
  • Beneficial ownership of income and the pass-through approach: amendments to the Tax Code and prospects of for the development of practice
  • VAT when providing intra-group electronic services
  • Transfer pricing: lessons of high-profile court cases

Session 2. Tax planning: one more time about the limits of the rights of taxpayers and the tax authorities

ModeratorVadim Zaripov, Head of Pepeliaev Group's Analytical Department

Topics include:

  • Unjustified tax benefit: unresolved questions
  • First results of the application / non-application of article 54.1 of the Tax Code
  • Liability for tax arrears of contracting parties: reality, circumspection or complicity?
  • Did article 54.1 of the Tax Code cancel full tax reconstruction?
  • The principle of good-faith tax administration and the scope of tax authorities' powers in fighting tax planning

Speaker from Pepeliaev Group:

General information:

Organiser: RBC

Date: 14 February 2019
Time: 9.30 am – 3.00 pm

Address: Ritz-Carlton, 3 Tverskaya St, Moscow, Russia

For the programme, please visit the official website.



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Tax Manoeuvres 2019

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