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On 1 March 2023 the Russian Town-Planning Code (the “Town-Planning Code”) was supplemented with new provisions on the architectural and town-planning layout (“ATPL”) of capital construction facilities (“CCF”).

An experiment started on 1 March 2023 regarding distance trade in prescription medicines.

Further to the President’s Decree No. 138 dated 3 March 2023[1] (Decree No. 138), a special procedure has been established for performing transactions with Russian securities purchased from ‘hostile’ non-residents.

Resolution No. 191 of the Russian Government  Federationdated 10 February 2023 has been adopted. It has introduced material changes in the Rules for assessing the amount of rent for lands owned by the Russian.
Tax Overview for February 2023
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The double tax treaty (DTT) between the governments of Russia and Latvia has been denounced.
Pepeliaev Group advises that a law  has been signed that provides for a detailed privatisation procedure for premises owned by the state or municipalities that are the sole premises used for ensuring access to other premises in a building or structure.  
New anti-cartel tools
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Two draft laws that the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service developed to toughen criminal and administrative liability for the entry into, and being a party to, a cartel waited in the wings for three years. The State Duma adopted them in the first reading in December 2022. How will the anti-cartel article in the Russian Criminal Code (the “Criminal Code”) and the programme of release from liability change, and what fines will be imposed for impeding antitrust inspections? Read more in the article of Elena Sokolovskaya, Pepeliaev Group’s partner.
Starting from 26 December 2022, personal data operators will be required to use new forms of notifications regarding the intention to process personal data, regarding changes in the information contained in the notification of the intention to process personal data, and regarding the termination of personal data processing.

Pepeliaev Group advises that on 31 October 2022 the transition period finished for a record-keeping system for Internet advertising to be implemented in Russia. Now the players on the market of Internet advertising are obliged to submit to the Unified Register of Internet Advertising (the “Register”) information about Internet advertising aimed at attracting the attention of consumers of advertising located in Russia, to obtain an advertising identifier for each advertising material and to label Internet advertising with the “advertising” mark.

Numerous amendments to tax legislation have been adopted, including those related to the special military operation.
Pepeliaev Group advises of the adoption of Federal Law No. 493-FZ 'On amending article 333.33 of Part II of the Russian Tax Code' dated 5 December 2022. The law establishes the new amount of state duty for registering supplementary agreements to real estate leases.

Pepeliaev Group advises of the adoption of a federal law that provides for the establishing of Stroycomplex.RF, a unified information system supporting town-planning activities; a new type of town-planning documentation is also introduced.

The Russian Constitutional Court has held that if the recycling charge has been collected in excess the relevant amount should be refunded with interest. The same rule which applies to the refund of taxes should apply in this case.
Pepeliaev Group advises that on 11 January 2023 a Federal Law came into force that expands the opportunities for the state’s special right to be used to participate in the corporate governance of companies (a “golden share”).
Tax Overview for January 2023
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In the issue: The Russian Government has defined the requirements for foreigners applying for a residence permit in Russia in exchange for investments.
Resolution of the Russian Government has been adopted that has amended the procedure for organising and conducting state control (supervision), and municipal control.
The Government Commission for Monitoring the Implementation of Foreign Investments in Russia has established a list of conditions for the carrying out (performance) of transactions (operations) aimed at the disposal of securities, including shares and membership interests in (contributions to) the issued capitals of Russian legal entities, with the participation of "hostile" non-residents and persons under their control, as well as payments of profit (dividends) by Russian legal entities to foreign members (shareholders), compliance with which will be assessed when the authorised entity makes decisions on whether to issue (refuse to issue) permits for the implementation of relevant transactions (operations).
In the issue: the Russian President has signed the law No. 523-FZ dated 19 December 2022 which has introduced many amendments into the Russian Tax Code, and, among other things, has adjusted the taxation of exchange differences for claims which were not settled as at 31 December 2022.
On 21 December 2022 the State Duma passed in the first reading a draft law which amends the Russian Code of Administrative Offences.
On 15 December 2022 the State Duma approved in the first reading the draft laws  aimed at toughening criminal and administrative liability for participating in anti-competitive agreements.
Pepeliaev Group’s key projects in 2022
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Aydar Sultanov has joined Pepeliaev Group's team
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A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma based on the outcome of the case of PJSC T Plus which Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers won previously in the Russian Constitutional Court
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