Message from the Managing Partner

If I were asked to give a brief description of the principles underlying Pepeliaev Group's work, I would say the following: we are oriented towards the client's business objectives and we strive to provide service of the highest level. 70% of new clients find their way to us based on endorsements from those who have used our services before. This means that we have done good job, and that we have genuinely helped them.

Having a team of the utmost strength is undoubtedly our key advantage. We understand that it is impossible for an individual to specialise to a uniformly high level across all branches of the law, and for this reason every of our lawyers has his or her own specialisation.  This allows us to solve the specific business tasks of our clients from a wide range of different industries that have complicated legal regulation and require specific knowledge and experience from a professional adviser. 

Conversely, our team's size and experience allow us to provide comprehensive legal support at all stages of a business process. We do not give general advice, but help to solve particular business issues: to open new production units, buy assets, resolve disputes or safeguard against risks.

Our lawyers are constantly involved in drafting legislation and called on to act as experts in state bodies, at the highest level. Thus they are involved in creating a favourable business environment in the country. Our law firm's expertise is accepted at the highest level. Many of Pepeliaev Group lawyers hold a Ph.D. in law or a Doctor of Laws degree and are active teachers and members of scientific boards at leading Russian universities. 

We value our clients immensely and maintain a balance between the high quality of the services we provide and a reasonable pricing policy. As a result, we deliver both in terms of the outcome of our work and value for money: Our clients are convinced that the benefits our lawyers deliver exceed our fees many times over.

Following these simple rules for many years has helped our team to create an unmatched reputation on the market. We hold this dear and have no intention of letting our standards slip.

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