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A procedure is suggested to be set for conducting general meetings of shareholders online

Pepeliaev Group advises that the Ministry of Economic Development has suggested that companies should be permitted to conduct general meetings of shareholders remotely, using information and communications technologies.

Overview of tax events for August 2020

In the issue: The Republic of Cyprus and Malta has agreed with Russia on amendments to the double taxation agreements; the special conditions for being recognised as a tax resident in 2020, etc.
Overview of tax events for July 2020

The Russian President has signed the following laws: easing sanctions for breaching foreign currency legislation; on implementing a tax manoeuvre in IT industry: starting from 2021, corporate profit tax will be reduced from 20% to 3%, while the rate of insurance contributions will be cut from 14% to 7.6%; on establishing a preferential regime in the Arctic for companies that intend to implement new projects there.

Overview of tax events for June 2020
The Russian Government has included in the submitted Recovery Plan for the Russian Economy measures to make currency legislation more liberal. In particular, it is planned to give up total control over foreign trade transactions and not to impose fines for the non-repatriation of proceeds in foreign currency next year.
Overview of tax events for May 2020 A law has been passed on a unified register of information about the population of Russia. The Russian Federal Tax Service will be the register’s operator.
Overview of tax events for April 2020 The Russian President has signed the law on protecting and encouraging investments for which investors have been waiting for two years.
Pepeliaev Group and Kaspersky Laboratory have entered into an agreement to work together in the field of automating the prevention of compliance risks
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Natalia Prisekina has been appointed a special invited mediator for international commercial disputes at the Intermediate People's Court of Qingdao Municipality
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Protecting tenants of commercial property against the backlash from the covid-19 pandemic in russia and abroad
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