Analytics and brochures

Liability can be toughened for non-notification of the start of activity; it has been determined how carriers and consignors should work with electronic documents; parties to foreign trade will be able to file complaints via the One Window system.

The temporary procedure has been established for performing transactions aimed at acquiring exclusive rights to use IP / means of identification from hostile states; The Government will determine the rules for damage to be compensated in connection with hostile actions of the USA; the specifics of state control have been adjusted.

The list of goods has been developed that, if customs payments are avoided in relation to them, result in such avoidance being treated as an offence involving a large amount; joint-stock companies owned by regions become public customers for the purpose of procuring medicines and medical devices; the amount of a penalty in favour of a consumer may be restricted.

Fines can be increased for non-compliance with the notification procedure relating to entrepreneurial activity; the rules will be updated for issuing permissions to export individual types of industrial products from Russia.

Thresholds have been adjusted for damage/criminal proceeds from economic crimes; the procedure has been determined for preparing resolutions on how IP should be used without the consent of a rightholder; unlabelled products which have been seized are proposed to be channelled for humanitarian purposes.

The grounds have been extended for economically significant companies to disclose information; subjects of critical information infrastructure will be obliged to use Russian software; the switch to electronic document flow in freight transportation will be tested.