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Overview of tax events for August 2022
1 min read
In the issue: the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and the Mass Media has published the results of online meetings with representatives of the IT industry regarding the law on amendments to the Russian Tax Code.
Overview of tax events for July 2022
2 min read
The Russian President has signed a law allowing, from 1 January 2023, all taxes to be paid in a single payment; they will be reflected on a single account.
The State Duma has adopted a law according to which the profit tax benefit will be extended in respect of income in the form of intellectual property rights; The Russian Government has extended the deadline for financial market institutions to submit to the Russian Federal Tax Service the information required for international automatic exchange.
The Russian President has signed the law granting an exemption from VAT with regard to transactions to dispose of exclusive rights under a franchise agreement; a protocol has been ratified regarding the deferral for VAT with regard to imports of goods from the EAEU; The Russian Finance Ministry has developed amendments to the federal standard relating to accounting for capital investments.
The Federal Tax Service has put into operation on its website an updated version of the service Register of Disqualified Entities; The Russian Federal Tax Service has summed up the results of pre-judicial dispute settlements in 2021; The Russian Federal Tax Service and the Belarusian Ministry for Taxes and Levies have launched an exchange of information about the traceability of goods.
The Russian President has signed a law on the specialised regime of the “Automated simplified taxation system”. The adopted law includes a satellite new development whereby Russian companies will be granted an opportunity to become residents of Russian offshore zones.