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The Government will form a sub-commission for the use of IP items; the procedure has been simplified for Russian companies to be authorised to carry out international road haulage; the procurement procedure for Russian products will be made more efficient.
The Government Commission will determine the procedure for frozen assets to be exchanged; economically significant companies may opt not to disclose information; and cases of public procurement from a single supplier will be extended. 
Overview of tax events for January 2024
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The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised that the Convention between Russia and Denmark for the avoidance of double taxation and the Treaty between Russia and Latvia for the avoidance of double taxation are being terminated.

The Russian President has signed a law to ratify the DTT between Russia and Oman.

The State Duma has passed a law introducing extensive amendments to the Russian Tax Code.

Overview of tax events for October 2023
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A law has been passed which improves the procedure for taxing residents of special economic zones, priority development areas, and of the Free Port of Vladivostok.