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Overview of Tax events for October 2019 Russia was ranked 28th in 'Doing Business', the World Bank's updated ratings, moving up by three positions in comparison with last year. Russian Government officials do not agree with such a low assessment.
Overview of Tax events for September 2019 The programme of the integration of Russia and Belarus implies the partial consolidation of the economic systems of both countries starting from January 2021, including transition to a unified Tax Code, setting up a “single regulator” of the energy market and unification of customs policy. The Presidents of both countries may approve the programme by 8 December. 
Overview of Tax events for August 2019
The Russian Ministry of Finance is proposing to change the use of tax benefits in cross-border transactions in the draft of ‘Principle lines of budget, tax, and customs and tariffs policy for 2020 - 2022’.
Overview of Tax events for July 2019

The Russian Ministry of Finance is planning to include grapes used for the production of wine in the list of excisable products in 2020. 

Overview of Tax events for June 2019

The Head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has announced that the tax free system can be extended to cover all Russian regions by the end of 2019.

Overview of Tax events for May 2019

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development has suggested the concept of adigital special economic zone for the IT sector featuring many benefits, including tax benefits.

Pepeliaev Group in the IFLR 1000 rating for 2020
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Pepeliaev Group is the partner of a new master's programme, relating to compliance, of the National Research University Higher School of Economics
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Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers took part in a session of the Expert Board with the involvement of Boris Titov dedicated to issues of administrative prejudice
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