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A number of amendments have been made to the provisions of the Code of Administrative Offences

In the context of the pandemic and different measures taken by the authorities, a number of amendments have been made to the provisions of the Code of Administrative Offences which significantly increase administrative sanctions for legal entities.

The Russian Government has approved new rules for maintaining the state information system supporting town-planning activities Pepeliaev Group advises that on 25 March 2020 the Government’s Resolution came into force establishing a procedure for maintaining information systems supporting town-planning activities (abbreviated in Russian as ISOGD), which contains town-planning information, documents and materials. The Resolution also defines the rules for providing such information, documents and materials to the entities involved in town-planning activities.

Emergency measures to support the economy in the area of rental

Pepeliaev Group explains the legal consequences of state measures to support the economy for landlords and tenants in the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak 

New restrictions on filing documents with a court: what is to be done?

Following the restrictions on filing documents with a court set out in the resolution of the Praesidium of the Russian Supreme Court and of the Russian Judicial Council dated 18 March 2020 (between 19 March 2020 and 10 April 2020 filings should be made only via courts’ online receptions or via the Russian Post) individual Russian regions and courts have introduced additional restrictions that should be taken into account when filings are planned. 
The processing of personal data as part of preventing the spread of COVID-19

Pepeliaev Group advises of certain details concerning the processing of personal data which is carried out to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The moratorium on the initiation of bankruptcy cases: consequences and recommendations On 26 March 2020 a draft law was put before the State Duma; this draft law grants a right to the Russian Government to introduce a moratorium on the initiation of bankruptcy cases in extraordinary cases. Taking into account the current situation, we can expect that the draft law will be promptly adopted and applied.
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