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Digital principles
3 min read
The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (‘FAS’) has identified key principles of good faith conduct for participants in online platforms. It is assumed that a platform will mitigate antitrust risks by following these principles. What is this soft-touch regulation tool based on and how is it going to be used? Elena Sokolovskaya, partner at Pepeliaev Group, explains.

  Moscow and other regions of Russia are stepping up measures to increase the vaccination rate of the population against COVID-19. Read more in the article of Anna Berlina, Head of Group, Employment and Migration Law Practice at Pepeliaev Group.
  Due to an increase in COVID-19 infections nationwide, the President recently announced a period of non-working days in Russia during the period from 28 October 2021 to 7 November 2021. Read more in the article of Anna Berlina, Head of Group, Employment and Migration Law Practice at Pepeliaev Group.
Compliance guideline
5 min read
The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (the FAS of Russia) has issued a clarification of the procedure for implementing compliance systems. This will help business to build an efficient mechanism for preventing antimonopoly risks, which includes drawing up internal regulations correctly. However, the key issue that remains open is whether the regulator will take response measures only based on the fact that a company’s compliance documents contain provisions that contradict the legislation.
The Internet is one of the most popular sources of information and a healthy environment for cooperation and liaison between people regardless of their geographical location. However, at a time when the Internet is developing rapidly, the issue of the legal regulation of social relationships on the Internet, including in the area of the distribution of advertising, is becoming more critical. Federal Law No. 347-FZ “On amending the Federal Law 'On advertising'” dated 2 July 2021 which in particular introduces the system for keeping a record of advertising on the Internet is aimed at implementing this state function.
The Price of State Involvement
4 min read
In recent years there have been active discussions around the initiatives that are aimed at improving the state pricing policy. Multiple attempts are being made towards greater regulation of pricing in certain areas in the form of the introduction of additional price control tools. The purpose of this policy is not only to help entrepreneurs develop the regulated areas of activity with the help of predictable pricing rules, but also to facilitate the stable and steady development of the entire economic system. However, not all the measures that are being suggested find support in the business community.
Natalya Prisekina, a partner at Pepeliaev Group, and Ekaterina Samusenko, an attorney with the firm , have become joint contributors to a book 'Force Majeure and Hardship in the Asia-Pacific Region'
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Alexander Kuznetsov has defended his Doctor of Laws dissertation
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Valentina Orlova has become one of the arbitrators of the Arbitration Centre at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on IP disputes
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