Legal support in Korea

Korean Desk

Pepeliaev Group has a specialised service to provide legal support to Korean companies in Russia and to Russian investors doing businesses in Korea – the Korean Desk.

We provide assistance:

Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers along with Korean specialists provide legal support to Korean companies in Russia at all stages of the business process, including: 

  • selecting a region to invest in,  
  • minimising the tax burden,  
  • liaising with state authorities,  
  • handling matters of foreign trade regulation and much more.


Our comprehensive legal support includes a wide range of services (including those set out below and others):

  • analysing a project’s business structure;
  • obtaining Russian licences and permits necessary to implement a project and identifying applicable legal restrictions;
  • analysing anticipated legal issues (problems) for each stage of a project and developing  countermeasures;
  • land issues;
  • issues relating to lease agreements being concluded with tenants;
  • the registration, reorganisation, and liquidation of companies;
  • providing legal assistance in obtaining the status of a resident of a Priority Development Area (PDA), and facilitating the construction of facilities by a resident of a PDA;
  • applying the free customs zone customs procedure;
  • negotiating with state authorities throughout Russia;
  • checking agreements to carry out business operations.

In addition, Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers protect Korean clients in Russia, participate in negotiations with the Russian party, find optimal solutions when issues arise and settle disputes in the current tough conditions for a foreign investor; if necessary our lawyers represent clients in courts (before arbitral tribunals).

The benefits of working with us

Korean businesses that invest in Russia are experiencing a growing need for competent advisors. The lawyers working on the Korean desk are experienced in Korean law and Russian law as well as having an appreciation of the needs of Korean business in Russia. They also have enormous practical experience on the Russian and international markets. All this gives Korean investors the opportunity to construct their work to the maximum effect, in line with national legislation, as well as with provisions of international law.

Cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

Pepeliaev Group has been closely cooperating with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea for many years under an agreement to provide legal services to Korean companies.

Pepeliaev Group’s highly qualified lawyers render a wide range of legal services to Korean companies, providing written and oral advice on various issues of corporate law, employment law, migration law, and civil law. They have extensive practical experience in providing legal support to Korean companies and preventing potential risks when these companies do business in Russia. Pepeliaev Group not only successfully cooperates with Korean companies that are represented in Russia, and with the Trade Department of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok, but also has partnerships with leading Korean law firms.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us to discuss possible models and forms of cooperation:


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