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Pepeliaev Group has a specialised service to provide legal support for Korean companies in Russia and Russian investors doing business in Korea – the Korean Desk. 
Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers along with Korean specialists provide legal support to Korean companies in Russia at all stages of a business process, including selecting a region to invest in, minimising the tax burden, dealing with state authorities, foreign trade regulation and a host of other matters. 

In the context of a dynamically increasing economic activity, Korean businesses that invest in Russia experience a growing need for competent advisors. The lawyers working on the Korean desk are experienced in Korean law and Russian law as well as having an appreciation of the needs of Korean business in Russia. They also have enormous practical experience on the Russian and international markets. All this gives Korean investors the opportunity to construct their work to the maximum effect, in line with national legislation. 

Pepeliaev Group has been providing advice to Korean companies for many years. The new service will help to broaden the scope of our work with clients and extend legal support to Russian companies doing business in Korea. 
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