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Social responsibility

The firm strives to meet the expectations of the public by actively implementing a programme of social projects. Wide range activity of the firm: we treat as an integrated whole all aspects of our firm's work including professional business activities, caring for staff and their families, playing an enthusiastic role  within the professional community, and actively influencing different branches of law and the economy. 

We understand corporate social responsibility to mean not only a set of charitable measures, but also involving ourselves in creating institutions which improve the economic and political climate in our country. Pepeliaev Group views all its social obligations as closely connected with our general commitment to further develop and expand our business, raise the quality of the services we provide and to meet the highest global standards.

We are guided by ethical standards of business and maintain a high level of legal culture. We treat with great care every member of our professional team, the experience we have accumulated and our relationships with our partners. The principles of social responsibility, mutual respect and support have become a solid foundation for our relationship with society. And we are ready to share these values with you on the way to building socially responsible business for the benefit of Russia, something all of us are striving for. 

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