Head of the Representative Office in the Republic of Tatarstan



Тel.: +7 (495) 767-00-07;
+7 (495) 137 00 07  
E- mail: a.sultanov@pgplaw.ru 

Pepeliaev Group has been providing legal services to enterprises in Tatarstan (in Nizhnekamsk, Kazan and other cities) for many years.

The firm’s major clients include PJSC TATNEFT named after V.D. Shashin and the Tatarstan SIBUR Group.

Head of the Representative Office

Aidar Sultanov, the Head of Pepeliaev Group's Representative Office in the Republic of Tatarstan, is a professional who has been practising since 1990. He has a PhD in Law, and is an Honoured Lawyer of the Republic of Tatarstan, with several victories to his name in the Russian Constitutional Court, as well as having won cases before the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Commercial (‘Arbitration’) Court and the Russian Supreme Court.

Why Pepeliaev Group’s Representative Office in Tatarstan is a reliable partner

Aidar Sultanov’s extensive experience in various branches of law means you can have the most efficient strategy quickly devised for solving legal business tasks. He can select for you a team of Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers who will:

  • provide the advice you need;

  • provide comprehensive legal support; or

  • defend you in court.


“One of the tasks of our representative office in the Republic of Tatarstan is to show that problems that seem impossible to solve are, in fact, complex but solvable, so that Moscow experts become closer to Tatarstan”.

Aidar Sultanov

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