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The government has clarified specific aspects of how certain permit regimes should be applied that were introduced in connection with the spread of COVID-19
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Pepeliaev Group advises that Resolution No. 1580 of the Russian Government dated 1 October 2020 (“Resolution No. 1580”) , which establishes specific aspects of how permit regimes should be applied in the areas of industrial safety, the electric power industry and heat supply, came into force on 3 October 2020.
Moratorium for bankruptcies extended until 2021
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Pepeliaev Group advises that in its Resolution No. 1587 “On extending the moratorium for initiating bankruptcy cases further to applications of creditors with respect to individual debtors” dated 1 October 2020 the Russian Government (the “Government”) has extended until 7 January 2021 the moratorium for initiating bankruptcy proceedings further to creditors’ requests as stipulated by article 9.1 of the Law on Bankruptcy . 
The Russian Federal Tax Service about the adequacy of expenses on the prevention of the coronavirus infection
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In its Letter No. SD-4-3/13046@ dated 13 August 2020, the Russian Federal Tax Service cited the earlier position of the Russian Ministry of Finance and affirmed that companies’ expenses on the purchase of individual and collective protection gear (antiseptic products, thermometers, masks and gloves), as well as expenses on the sanitation of premises may be deducted for taxation purposes under articles 264 and 252 of the Russian Tax Code 
The new specifics of the regulation of corporate relationships in 2020
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Pepeliaev Group advises that the new specifics of regulating corporate relationships in 2020 have been established.

The Social Security Fund on expenses to prevent Covid-19
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In its Letter No. 02-09-11/12-05-19094 dated 5 August, the Russian Social Security Fund explained the rules for reimbursing expenses to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) using accident insurance contributions.

The acceptance of applications for the subsidy to prevent Covid-19 may be extended up to 15 September
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On the website of the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts, a draft resolution of the Russian government has been published proposing that the period for accepting applications be extended up to 15 September 2020. The extension is explained by the fact that only 50 % of the budgetary funds allocated in an amount of RUB 20 billion have been disbursed.

Pepeliaev Group has confirmed its leadership in World Tax-World TP 2021
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Pepeliaev Group and Kaspersky Laboratory have entered into an agreement to work together in the field of automating the prevention of compliance risks
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Natalia Prisekina has been appointed a special invited mediator for international commercial disputes at the Intermediate People's Court of Qingdao Municipality
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