The timeframe is expiring for accepting applications of taxpayers from ‘affected’ industries regarding the deferral (instalment plan) of tax payments

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30 November 2020 is the last day when the applications for granting a deferral (instalment plan) of tax payments is granted to entrepreneurs from industries most affected by Covid-19. At the same time, applications may be filed for any payments that become due in 2020 (including in December).

We remind you that the condition for receiving a deferral (instalment plan) with respect to taxes and duties is that the company is active in one of the industries affected by the coronavirus infection, as well as a reduction of its income by more than 10 %. 

At the same time, depending on the degree of the negative economic effect (the amount by which revenues and losses are reduced) a delay is granted for a period from 3 to 12 months and may be provided for a term up to 3 years. 

To find out whether it is possible to receive a deferral (instalment plan) in accordance with the Government’s Resolution No. 409 we recommend that you use the special service of the Russian Federal Tax Service. If there are grounds for receiving support measures, the application, as well as the obligation to comply with the terms and conditions for receiving such support, will have to be filed with the tax authority at the taxpayer’s location or place of registration.

Please note that the application may be filed either after the filing of the relevant returns and calculations setting out all the taxes and duties specified in the application, or before these documents are filed. However, in this case the examination of the application will be postponed until such documents are submitted. 

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