The Unified Register of SMEs that receive state support has been published for the first time

The Russian Federal Tax Service together with the Ministry of Economic Development has for the first time made available to the general public the Register of small and medium-sized enterprises which have received state support measures both during the spread of the coronavirus infection and during earlier periods. 

Based on the information of the tax authority, in total for 2019 - 2020 more than 1,620,000 SMEs and self-employed individuals received state support. At the same time many entrepreneurs managed to receive state support several times: the Register contains information concerning more than 4,340,000 facts of state support.

Information from the Register can be obtained both during an exchange between authorities and through special services of the Russian Federal Tax Service:
Previously we have already written concerning the procedure of how the Register is formed (see the alert Less than two weeks before the compiling of the Register of SMEs that receive state support is complete). Now we remind you that it is formed based on the information received from the Federal corporation for the development of SMEs, state and municipal bodies, and other organisations that form the ‘ecosystem’ supporting the development of business in Russia. 

The Register will be updated on the official website of the Russian Federal Tax Service each month on the 15th day of each month. 

In our opinion the fact that the information concerning state support measures provided has been published in the public domain is in line with the ongoing transformation of the tax authorities’ activity to become more public and transparent. It will allow objective judgements to be made concerning the efficiency of state support provided to business.

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