Restrictions and measures of state support for business: the digest for 27 May – 9 June 2024

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Liability could be toughened for non-notification of the start of activity

The draft federal law

Public discussions are now taking place.

Amendments have been proposed to article 19.7.5-1 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offences (“The violation by a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur of the statutory procedure for submitting notifications of the start of entrepreneurial activity”), specifically, that:

the limitation period for imposing liability be extended from 3 to 6 months;

liability be imposed for not reporting any changes;

the fine for companies be increased to range from RUB 24 million to RUB 48 million for legal entities;

the fine for repeated violation of the notification procedure be established as from RUB 40,000 to RUB 60,000 for companies.


Parties to foreign trade will be able to file complaints via the One Window system

The Russian Government’s Decree No. 666 dated 24 May 2024

Comes into effect on 31 August 2025.

Rules have been updated for the operation of the One Window information system in respect of foreign trade (Resolution No. 65 dated 28 January 2022).

Specifically, decisions/actions of authorities that oversee foreign trade can be challenged by using the Gosuslugi platform, to where the applicant is transferred from the One Window system to draw up/file a complaint with the system of pre-trial action. It is also possible to obtain information regarding the progress/outcome of the complaint in one’s personal account in the One Window system.

How carriers and consignors should work with electronic documents

The Russian Government’s Decree No. 753 dated 1 June 2024

Comes into force on 1 September 2024 and remains in effect until 1 September 2030.

The rules have been approved for a carrier and a consignor to exchange electronic documents and information between themselves and to submit same to the state information system of electronic shipping documents (in Russian, abbreviated as ‘GIS EPD’).

This concerns agreements for the carriage of goods, consignment notes, freight bills and cargo acceptance receipts.

Models have also been provided for information exchange.

Please be advised

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