Restrictions and measures of state support for business: the digest for 4-17 March 2024

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The specifics of state control might be adjusted

The Russian Government’s draft decree

Public discussions are now taking place.

It has been proposed that the Russian Government's Decree No. 336 dated 10 March 2022 regarding the specifics of state/municipal control being arranged and exercised should be supplemented with grounds for non-scheduled audits without seeking the approval of the prosecutor’s office:

further to an instruction of an official of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation within the framework of regional control;

the expiry of a deadline for an order to be performed to rectify a violation which was issued after 1 March 2023 based on the outcome of non-scheduled control (supervisory) measures undertaken within the audit programme.

Further, the specifics have been stipulated for the assessment of compliance with mandatory requirements for prices to be used for medicines from the list of vital and essential medicines.


The use has been postponed of the State Information System of Electronic Shipping Documents during international haulage

The Russian Government’s Decree No. 248 dated 1 March 2024

Came into effect on 1 March 2024.

Amendments have been made to the regulations regarding the procedure for trucks owned by Russian/foreign carriers to pass on the booked date and at the booked time (see the Russian Government’s Decree No. 867 dated 30 May 2023).

Specifically, the deadline has been postponed from 1 March 2024 until 1 September 2024 for some of the provisions to enter into force regarding:

the possibility to book the time via a personal account in the State Information System of Electronic Shipping Documents (in Russian, abbreviated to ‘GIS EPD’) or via the Gosuslugi portal of public services;

the applicant’s right to adjust details of the application in the GIS EPD.

The possibility has been extended until 1 September 2024 to book a time for passage via the website of the State-Owned Federal State Institution ‘The Directorate for the Construction and Utilisation of the Facilities of the Russian State Border’ (in Russian, abbreviated to ‘FGKU Rosgranstroy’).

The procedure has been simplified for notifications of entrepreneurial activity to be submitted

The Russian Government’s Decree No. 219 dated 28 February 2024

Comes into effect on 31 May 2024.

The rules have been adjusted for notifications to be submitted regarding certain types of entrepreneurial activity starting to be undertaken (the Russian Government’s Decree No. 584 dated 16 July 2009). Specifically:

a unified register of notifications is being created which will function within a single register of types of control. Information regarding any changes in the registered address/actual place of business of a legal entity or regarding a reorganisation will be introduced in the register automatically from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (in Russian, abbreviated to ‘EGRUL’) or the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (in Russian, abbreviated to ‘EGRIP’);

the list of types of work or services is being shortened in relation to which notifications are to be filed.

The requirements for residents in terms of contributions to the issued capital of foreign companies have been updated

The Central Bank’s Working Group Decision No. PRG-12-3/534 dated 6 March 2024

Comes into effect on 1 April 2024.

Residents are permitted to perform transactions involving payment for membership interests, contributions or shares in the property of legal entities that are not residents, as well as to pay for contributions under joint venture agreements, without obtaining individual permissions of the Central Bank, if the following conditions are simultaneously met:

the transaction amount is not more than RUB 15 million;

the aggregate value of transactions performed after 1 April 2024 for the benefit of one legal entity that is a non-resident does not exceed this limit.

Please be advised

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