Legal Monitoring

Legal Monitoring

Pepeliaev Group has a long-standing practice of drafting regular overviews identifying, summarising and analysing the existing legal approaches and challenges across a range of business sectors.

We monitor changes in the branches of the law of most importance for business.

Our goal is to inform business of current and planned changes in legal regulation and the risks arising in relation to this.

Combining the knowledge, experience and skills of our lead lawyers and the specialists of Pepeliaev Group's Analytical Department, we perform fully fledged legal research at the request of our clients. Based on the monitoring results we draft individual reports for our clients. The reports include information regarding current legal regulation, proposed legislative amendments and trends in court practice.

The main value of our overviews is that they focus on the interests and requirements of a particular client. They also include legal comments on the implications and legal risks of the new developments.

The overviews are drafted in Russian.

For individual overviews, please contact Oksana Bodryagina, Coordinator of Information Projects, via email: O.Bodryagina@pgplaw.ru or by phone +7 495 767 00 07

For regular public overviews please follow the link.... Notifications about new information and analytical materials are also available by subscription.