Russia: Foreign Nationals May Now Stay Longer in Russia

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In accordance with the latest Presidential Decree, as from 16 June 2021 the term of visas, migration cards and several temporary stay permits will be extended. The extension will be valid for 90 days after transportation is resumed with the respective country.

During this period, work permits will not be cancelled for foreigners who stay outside the Russian Federation for more than 6 months.

From 16 June to 30 September 2021, decisions on deportation and reduction of the term of temporary stay in Russia, will not be made with respect to foreign nationals staying in Russia (unless they pose a threat to national security).

A previous (and similar) Presidential Decree expired on 15 June 2021.

Key Action Points for Human Resources and In-house Counsel

There is no need to demand that expat colleagues return from abroad, as their 6 months’ absence from Russia will not lead to the loss of their work permits. Carefully monitor the dates when Russia opens its borders (e.g. resumes regular air travel) with the expat’s home country and expect that his/her extended visa will expire 90 days after the opening date.

The source: L&E GLOBAL

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