Russia: Mandatory Vaccination

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More and more Russian regions announce mandatory vaccination for employees of specific industries.

The choice of industries is based on direct contact with consumers (trade, eateries, education, healthcare, transport, banks, etc.).

In many regions companies are obliged to file specific reports on vaccinated employees. The Federal Service for Labour and Employment clarifies that employees who were not timely vaccinated should be suspended from work without pay (even if they work remotely), though the legal grounds for such suspension are not fully transparent for many experts.

The required percentage of vaccination varies on regional basis, for Moscow it is 60% and the vast majority of companies faced impossibility to reach it by the first indicated deadline (15 July 2021).

The sanctions for failure to ensure the required vaccinated percentage are quite severe – it is either an administrative fine of up to 500 000 rubles or suspension of company operations for up to 90 days.

Key Action Points for Human Resources and In-house Counsel

Monitor developments in your region. If relevant instructions are issued by local authorities – encourage your employees to vaccinate (giving paid days off for the days of vaccination is becoming a popular instrument).

The source: L&E GLOBAL

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