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Overview of tax events for November 2014
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On 4 November the Russian President signed the following federal laws:
No. 348-FZ "On amending part one of the Russian Tax Code". Russia will have a system of proactive tax control (so-called tax monitoring) for major organisations,

Federal Law No. 308-FZ "On amending the Russian Criminal Procedure Code" dated 22 October 2014 has been signed. Russian investigators have the right to initiate criminal cases with regard to tax crimes at their own discretion (without the tax authorities having to issue a decision to this effect).

Overview of tax events for September 2014
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On 26 September the State Duma adopted Federal Law “On amending articles 12 and 85 of the first section and section two of the Russian Tax Code and invalidating the Law of the Russian Federation “Concerning Taxes on the Property of Physical Persons”. This law deals with renovating and changing tax on the property of individuals so that it is based on the cadastral value of the property. A three-level tax rate has been created. The transitional period for the modified property tax will be five years for all regions including cities of federal importance.

Overview of tax events for August 2014
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President Vladimir Putin of Russia has signed amendments to the law "On valuation activity" which simplify the procedure for challenging the cadastral value of land and other property. The Russian Ministry of Finance plans to calculate property tax depending on the cadastral (market) value of real estate starting next year, rather than based on the inventory valuation (which is the current practice).
The Russian President has signed a number of tax laws:
No. 225-FZ dated 21 July 2014, which concerns improving mechanisms for assessing and challenging the cadastral value of real estate items being. The time period between state assessments is has been limited to three years but it is now compulsory for companies to submit a pre-trial appeal to a commission under the Federal Registration Service ("Rosreestr"). The duration has been settled for decisions regarding reassessment of the value. The law will come into force on 1 April 2015.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing Russian banks to transfer information on US taxpayers to US tax services.