Drawing up a production sharing agreement (PSA) in relation to developing the Khvalynskoye field

Within the framework of a state contact with the Russian Ministry of Energy, Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers provided services that involved a legal analysis of the draft of a PSA for the use of mineral resources of the Khvalynskoye field. Our lawyers participated in negotiations with the investor representing the Russian government; they provided recommendations on the wording of the PSA, and expert support to the government's representatives to ensure that the project was as favourable as possible for the Russian Federation, and that the state's interests were protected. In the course of the project, we analysed the PSA’s terms and conditions from the standpoint of whether they were in line with the current legislation on PSAs, the legislation on mineral resources, and the tax regime on the use of mineral resources taking into account the specifics of international status of the Caspian Sea, etc.

While continuing to develop the draft of the PSA, our lawyers were holding negotiations with the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, the Ministry of Finance, and other ministries and the investor’s members. In addition the lawyers were solving various legal issues relating to the legislation on PSAs, the use of mineral resources, environmental protection, and others. Our lawyers also developed amendments to the inter-governmental Agreement between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. This PSA was only the fourth in Russia. For this project, Pepeliaev Group won the 'European Tax Transaction of the Year in the Energy Sector' category at the ITR European Tax Awards.

Using employee inventions Advised major companies in the oil & gas and metal industries on various patent matters including using inventions created by employees (authors) when performing their employment duties or a specific task set by the employer (employee inventions).
Pre-trial resolution of a trademark dispute Drafted claims for the benefit of international oil and gas producers concerning exclusive rights being infringed to trade names and trademarks as well as unfair competition and improper advertising. As a result of this work, within a very short time the use of the trademarks discontinued, trade names were changed and websites with improper advertising were removed.
Providing support when foreign workers are hired
Advised on how to structure the employment of foreign workers within the scope of secondment contracts and contracts for management services for several leading players in the Russian energy industry.
Legal assistance to a leading multinational oil service company We have provided legal assistance to a leading multinational oil service company for over five years, including legal support for the acquisition of six Greenfield and Brownfield sites, due diligence, deal structuring, construction matters, representation of the client in a public tender, corporate matters, labour and employment-related matters, tax matters, etc.
Drafting franchise agreements and licence agreements For a company in the oil and gas sector we prepared draft franchise agreements and licence agreements granting the right to use know-how, as well as the necessary documents to create a trade secret regime for the know-how: internal guidance and rules, lists of information to be protected, access record books, confidentiality provisions and clauses, etc.
Advisory projects for a major Russian fuel and energy company Handled a number of advisory projects for a major Russian fuel and energy company; these projects involved us analysing the possible methods for restructuring the companies from a corporate law viewpoint, and included us preparing a restructuring plan. 
Developing measures for an independent energy sales company Developed and implemented measures for an independent energy sales company to assume the status of a guaranteed power supplier. Developed procedures for consumer subscribers to accept electric power passing from a company supplying power which is transmitting electric power to an energy sales company (the supplier of last resort).
Advising on legal aspects of the functioning of electric power supply infrastructure Advised on legal aspects of: the functioning of electric power supply infrastructure in the context of new construction work; how generating capacity is transmitted within a new legal framework for regulating the wholesale power market; and power supplies at regulated tariffs, taking into consideration any payments from the state (such as subsidies, or government grants).

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