Other branches

Other branches

Aviation, the space industry and defence

  • Pepeliaev Group has extensive experience of providing legal support to companies in the aviation, space and defence sectors. Sample projects:
  • Providing legal support on an investment project to develop Yemelyanovo International Airport in Krasnoyarsk;
  • Projects regarding VAT exemptions in relation to the servicing of aircraft in Russian airports;
  • Antimonopoly issues across the board: obtaining the approval of Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) for transactions, handling litigation projects and so on;
  • Restructuring the staff of a major Russian air carrier.


Pepeliaev Group advises prominent Russian and international insurance companies on all branches of law. The matters range from adjusting the forms of template contracts to complex issues relating to insurance reserves, and issues of insurance and tax relating to major construction work.

Our firm has a track record of representing both insurers and policy holders in disputes concerning insurance payouts worth up to RUB 25 million.


  • Pepeliaev Group provides the full range of services associated with legal support to agriculture companies:
  • Acting in transactions involving the sale and purchase of  agriculture businesses, including transactions in different regions;
  • Performing legal due diligence on land plots and offering support in transactions with land;
  • Providing advisory services and representing clients in court on transfer pricing issues;
  • Major litigation projects, including challenging the outcome of a field tax audit.  


Pepeliaev Group has significant experience in giving legal advice when major sports events are staged, as well as providing legal support to sporting brands.

  • Instructed by the Russian Federation's Presidential Administration, Pepeliaev Group was involved in drawing up the Federal Law governing the staging of the Sochi Winter Olympics, including issues relating to the construction of Olympic facilities and the application of tax and customs law;
  • The firm is acting for FIFA in its negotiations with the Russian government in relation to the raft of sports-related legislation and subordinate legislation in the context of the 2018 football World Cup;
  • Providing legal support to a well known sportswear manufacturer in the context of its opening stores throughout Russia.


Pepeliaev Group provides support to companies from various parts of the engineering sector, including rail transport providers, suppliers of equipment for the oil and chemical industries, and shipbuilders.

  • Services include:
  • Transactional support;
  • Tax audits;
  • Litigation. 

Timber, and the pulp and paper industry

Pepeliaev Group has handled a range of projects in the timber and the pulp and paper industries. Sample projects:

  • Drew up a conceptual framework for purchasing land plots from lands designated for agricultural use with a view to constructing timber mills;
  • Represented clients when they obtained loans from the EBRD and subordinated loans from the IFC;
  • Handled disputes with administrative authorities in cases that involved a company's operations being suspended and administrative penalties being imposed.

Among our clients are the foremost companies in the timber and the pulp and paper industries, including Austrian, American, Scandinavian and Russian concerns.

Chemical industry

Pepeliaev Group provides legal support to companies in the chemical sector. Sample projects:

  • Provided legal assistance to an international chemical company during negotiations with one of its suppliers to achieve an out-of-court settlement in a dispute in which EUR 6 million was at stake. The dispute was settled through the mutual agreement of the parties. The parties entered into a new contract based on the outcome of the negotiations;
  • On behalf of a European manufacturer in the chemical sector, we handled a case to recover debt from a buyer and its surety. Both Dutch law and Russian law were applicable, the former governing the supply contract and the latter governing the suretyship agreement.  An additional factor complicating the proceedings was that the defendants attempted to have these transactions declared invalid. 

Social sector

Pepeliaev Group recognises the responsibility the firm has to society, and we therefore provide legal support not only to businesses but to clients in the social sector. Sample projects:

  • Providing legal assistance to Russia's most visited Museum, the Museum of the Moscow Kremlin;
  • Legal support to publicly funded bodies, which has involved advisory projects and litigating with the tax authorities, among other things concerning whether a publicly funded body could apply a property tax benefit in relation to a one-of-a-kind real estate facility.