Budget law

Budget law

It is for good reason that Pepeliaev Group has been described as a law firm of experts. Our team has over 20 specialists holding post-doctorate degrees and PhDs in Law. This allows us to resolve the most idiosyncratic assignments by our large business clients. The cases arise from the clients’ relations with contractors and competitors and from disputes with state authorities and institutions.

Often these projects require support of our budget law experts. Addressing matters that involve this narrow area of law requires expertise of the highest level and experience of the best experts available on the legal market. Lawyers from Pepeliaev Group represent clients during audits initiated by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and when resolving issues with the Russian Treasury. 


Objections to an audit report of the Accounts Chamber
We developed objections to the audit report of the Accounts Chamber with respect to a university. The university is rated among the best institutions for higher education in the world.

Discharge of debt of a unitary enterprise to the budget of a Russian constituent entity
We prepared the documents necessary for the debt to be discharged of a unitary enterprise on a commodity loan to the budget of a Russian constituent entity. The debt was discharged, in part, by using the receivables and in part, by financing the costs of social facilities through forwarding the allocated sums to discharge the outstanding loan. We considered the budget law aspects of this case, researched how these transactions are reflected in the budget of the constituent entity and drafted the corresponding documents. 
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