State commercial courts have resumed the acceptance and registration of documents

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After Order No.239 of the Russian President dated 2 April 2020 was issued to extend the period of non-working days, the websites of many state commercial courts posted information that documents the courts received via the My Arbitrator electronic system, as well as by post, during the period of non-working days would not be accepted, processed and registered. Many courts have almost entirely suspended their activities.

However, by virtue of a joint Resolution of the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court and of the Russian Judicial Council dated 8 April 2020, courts have been instructed to ensure the timely acceptance, processing and registration of documents submitted to courts by post and electronically, including in the form of an electronic document.

Taking into account the clarifications of the Russian Supreme Court, starting from 9 April 2020 state commercial courts have partially resumed their work. Apart from the processing and registration of incoming procedural documents, this applies to:
  • the preparation of judicial decisions concerning cases that have been considered, when such decisions were not prepared on time owing to the activities being suspended;
  • the preparation of judicial decisions to have the court proceedings adjourned;
  • cases being considered which do not require the personal presence of the parties;
  • the Russian Supreme Court considering incoming cassation appeals and issuing rulings or to refer such cases for consideration in a court hearing or to decline to do so;
  • judging from the information from the file of state commercial cases, cases are being exchanged between courts of various instances;
  • assistants of judges are available for phone calls.

In general, it can be said that the judicial system is resuming its work to the maximum extent possible, considering the restrictions that have been introduced.

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