COVID-19: a new unified register of companies who own services for remote operations of businesses

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FAO CEOs of SMEs and legal departments of IT companies and representatives of tech start-ups.

Pepeliaev Group advises that a project: “Register of digital companies for business” has been launched to accumulate digital solutions to arrange remote operations of businesses.

The first online forum on business digitalisation during the pandemic: “Forum.Digital 'A New business reality'” was held on 7 April 2020. Following the forum, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Digital Economy Development Fund have decided to set up a register of digital companies for business [1].

The purposes of the register of digital companies

During the pandemic many companies are being forced to look for solutions on how their operations can be organised in a remote format. The register of digital companies for business has been set up in order to combine existing digital solutions that allow for remote operations to be arranged for businesses in different areas. To date, more than 70 companies developing software who organise various aspects of business in remote format have been included in the register.

To learn about the register of companies and apply for inclusion in it, please go to.

One of the purposes for setting up a register of digital companies is also to provide assistance to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the period of pandemic. According to the official website of the Digital Economy Development Fund, it is anticipated that before 1 September 2020 companies that are included in the register will present their digital solutions and services to SMEs free of charge or on special anti-crisis terms. In turn, digital companies included in the register are promoted and positioned by the Digital Economy Development Fund.

Which digital solutions are included in the register?

IT companies and start-ups developing digital solutions, services and technologies for business are included in the register in the following areas:

  • CRM-systems
  • a virtual PC
  • communication tools
  • online document flow
  • online project management
  • online recruitment
  • online conference platforms
  • tax accounting programmes
  • e-filing
  • building websites
  • remote workplaces
  • time-keeping

In addition to companies developing digital solutions, companies that own software products for industry-specific business can be included in the register in the above areas. The functionality of such products helps to improve business processes, remodel production chains and increase the number of potential clients.

To be included in the register, companies are required to submit an application in which the following information should be indicated:

  • the area of the functionality of the solution (from the list above) and the name of the digital service;
  • the taxpayer’s identification number, name and contact details of a representative of the company to which the digital service belongs;
  • the company’s website on the Internet.

Help from your adviser

Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers are keeping track of changes in connection with the current epidemiological situation and are ready to provide integrated legal support and advice on how to choose the best solution for business on any legal matters.


[1] To read official news on the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry published on 7 May 2020, please go to

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