The Russian Federal Tax Service has issued a reminder about the expiration of the deadline for filing applications for the April subsidy

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The Russian Federal Tax Service has issued a reminder that 1 June is the last day for filing applications for the April subsidy.

The right to receive the subsidy is granted to small and medium-sized businesses (“SMEs”) from the most affected industries included in the Register of SMEs as at 1 March 2020, that are not undergoing liquidation, that have had no bankruptcy procedure initiated against them, and that have had no decision issued to exclude them from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, that have no debts with respect to taxes and insurance contributions exceeding RUB 3,000 as at 1 March 2020 and that have preserved the number of persons on their payroll at the same level or have reduced this number by not more than 10% (or not more than one person) as compared with March 2020 (to enable a check of whether a SME has complied with this criterion SZV-M reports should be filed with the Russian Pension Fund for March and April 2020).

You can check whether a SME is entitled to the subsidy using a special service on the website of the Russian Federal Tax Service.

An application for the subsidy can be filed with the tax authority according to the location of the company (place of residence of an individual entrepreneur) both in electronic form (through the personal account of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, and through technical communication channels[P.1] ), and in hard copy form sent by post (in this case the application should be filled out using the special approved form - the most convenient way is to fill out the application directly on the website of the Russian Federal Tax Service, then print it out and sign it).

Also the Russian Federal Tax Service reminds you that individual entrepreneurs can draw up an application for payment in their personal account without a qualified electronic signature.


[P.1]Have I got this correct? The abbreviation won't be understandable to an English-speaking reader.

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