Alexander Kuznetsov has defended his Doctor of Laws dissertation

Alexander Kuznetsov, the Head of the Corporate Disputes Group at Pepeliaev Group, has defended before the Dissertation Defence Committee of the Lomonosov Moscow State University his Doctor of Laws dissertation dedicated to the topic: “Reorganisation of business entities: civil law methods to defend the rights and interests of members and creditors”

Alexander specialises in advising clients on corporate law issues and settling complex corporate disputes in commercial courts as well as in the pre-trial settlement of such disputes.

During his long-term practice in the analytical departments of supreme courts and in management positions at the Russian Ministry of Justice Alexander has made a significant impact on the modern architecture of Russian corporate law: since 2010, he has been a thinker who has authored many key reforms and new developments in this field, both in legislation and court practice, which has made him an expert with unique experience in this area.

Alexander has authored several monographs (about the exclusion of a member from an LLC, the limits of the principle of free disposition in legislation and about reorganisation). He was also the executive editor of compilations issued by Statute, the leading legal publishing house, and has written many articles in Russian legal publications (Civil Law Bulletin, the Bulletin of Economic Justice, Law, Business and Law, etc.).

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