Production and sale

Production and sale

Pepeliaev Group represents the interests of sellers, manufacturers, contractors, importers and owners of aggregators with regard to the production and sale of goods and services.

Our clients comprise major global manufacturers of consumer goods, food products, FMCG goods, clothes, sportswear, personal care products, makeup, skin care products, home appliances, electronic devices, automobiles, medicines, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco products, as well as retail chains, etc.

Pepeliaev Group’s team advises clients on all aspects of the production and sale of goods and services, including: 

The Consumer Protection Law:

  • complying with the requirements of Law of the Russian Federation “On protecting consumers’ rights”;

  • rules for selling certain types of goods (including alcohol, tobacco products, products for military purposes, jewellery, goods for children, food products, clothes, etc.);

  • particular aspects of the remote sale of goods and the activities of aggregators (marketplaces);

  • e-commerce, documents for the company’s website (terms of service, public offer, etc.);

  • information about goods/services, labels, marks, packaging, and the analysis of the composition of food products; 

  • mandatory requirements for goods/services, quality, safety of goods/services, confirmation of conformity, technical guidelines, certification, declaration of conformity, voluntary confirmation of conformity, National Standards, Quality Management Systems (including the safety of food products, goods for children, consumer goods, etc.);

  • the licensing of certain types of activities;

  • liability for infringing consumers’ rights, providing incorrect information about goods/services, making misleading statements, and infringing consumers' rights;

  • reimbursement of losses caused to the consumer, harm to the consumer’s life, health or property owing to defects of goods/services, and compensation of moral harm;

  • consumer claims, lawsuits for protecting consumer rights, liaising with the Federal Service for Supervision over Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (abbreviated in Russian to “Rospotrebnadzor”) and the Federal Antimonopoly Service, and consumer extremism;

  • cashier’s receipts and sales checks, cash register equipment;

  • particular aspects of retail sale and purchase agreements (public agreements), public offer; and

  • the environmental safety of goods/services.


  • complying with the requirements of the Federal Law “On advertising”; 

  • conducting legal expert reviews of whether information products and content comply with the requirements of legislation on advertising;

  • particular aspects of advertising certain types of goods (including advertising alcoholic products, medicines, medical devices, biologically active supplements, products for military purposes, risk-based games, betting, gambling, bookmaker's offices, gaming terminals, etc.);

  • native advertising, product placement, hidden advertising, sponsored advertising, and the promotion of goods that are prohibited from being advertised;

  • promotional events, rules for holding advertising campaigns, lotteries, competitions, and rules of loyalty programmes;

  • advertising mailouts, consents to receive advertisements;

  • advertising on the Internet;

  • liability for violating the law on advertising, inappropriate advertising, bad-faith or inaccurate advertising, and liaising with the Federal Antimonopoly Service. 

Dissemination of information:

  • conducting legal expert reviews of whether information products and content comply with the requirements of legislation on information;

  • information prohibited from or restricted in dissemination, restricted access to information resources and websites;

  • protecting children from information, categories of information products (labels relating to age restrictions).

Legal support for manufacturers and sellers:

  • registration of companies;

  • providing legal support for the activities of foreign companies within Russia;

  • legal support for online shops, aggregators (marketplaces), and mobile applications; 

  • drafting and analysing commercial contracts;

  • advising on introducing a confidentiality regime and on confidential information;

  • advising on how to protect intellectual property;

  • protecting clients’ interests in commercial disputes;

  • helping clients to prepare for inspections and providing support during inspections conducted by state authorities in the context of state regulation;

  • providing legal support for the import and export of goods;

  • advising on customs legislation;

  • providing comprehensive support to clients with regard to all taxation issues;

  • ensuring legal support for manufacturers of goods and service providers entering foreign markets; and

  • implementing major multinational projects.



Pepeliaev Group has successfully challenged the cadastral value of the central children's store on Lubyanka
Opening of a global brand's flagship store in Moscow

Our lawyers represented a French multinational group, the second biggest worldwide brand portfolio of luxury, sport & lifestyle divisions and retail brands, in a transaction to lease 2,000 sq. m. of retail premises in extremely close proximity to the Kremlin.Among the tasks our team had to accomplish was full transactional support , including for the subsequent renovation of the facilities before the store opened. 

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