The lawyers from Pepeliaev Group provide the complete range of legal services to companies from the retail sector. Among our clients are major retail chains and small businesses selling the goods they manufacture themselves. We advise retailers in terms of tax and customs legislation, IP protection and many other legal matters. Below is a detailed list of the services we provide:

  • Registering companies
  • Providing legal support and advice in connection with new retail chains being established, as well as the operations of foreign companies in Russia
  • Providing legal support to companies selling the goods they manufacture in the domestic market and for export
  • Providing tax and customs law advice in connection with the import of goods intended for resale
  • Providing legal support for the state registration of IP assets
  • Drafting and analysing commercial contracts
  • Providing advice with regard to conducting advertising campaigns and providing equipment to retail outlets
  • Providing advice with regard to concluding licence agreements
  • Helping clients to prepare for inspections and providing support during inspections conducted by state and municipal authorities in the context of state and municipal regulation
  • Protecting clients' interests in commercial disputes
  • Providing comprehensive support to clients with regard to all taxation issues
  • Providing legal support when clients purchase land plots and real estate assets
  • Providing support during transactions and conducting legal due diligence of the assets that are being acquired.


Pepeliaev Group has successfully challenged the cadastral value of the central children's store on Lubyanka

Pepeliaev Group has successfully completed a project in which the law firm challenged the cadastral value that had been set for the premises of the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka. The project was ongoing for over a year, coming to an end when the Moscow City Court adopted its decision on case No. 3-0075/2015. That decision recently came into legal force.

The cadastral value for the premises of the famous store was unreasonably high. Moreover, the cadastral value for one of the premises was more than two and a half times greater than the cadastral value of the actual Central Children's Store building itself.

The outcome of the court proceedings was that the cadastral value was cut several fold. This substantially reduced the amount of the tax base for corporate property tax, helping the company to make significant savings.

Opening of a global brand's flagship store in Moscow

Our lawyers represented a French multinational group, the second biggest worldwide brand portfolio of luxury, sport & lifestyle divisions and retail brands, in a transaction to lease 2,000 sq. m. of retail premises in extremely close proximity to the Kremlin.Among the tasks our team had to accomplish was full transactional support , including for the subsequent renovation of the facilities before the store opened. 

Other projects

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