Pepeliaev Group has successfully challenged the cadastral value of the central children's store on Lubyanka

Pepeliaev Group has successfully completed a project in which the law firm challenged the cadastral value that had been set for the premises of the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka. The project was ongoing for over a year, coming to an end when the Moscow City Court adopted its decision on case No. 3-0075/2015. That decision recently came into legal force.

The cadastral value for the premises of the famous store was unreasonably high. Moreover, the cadastral value for one of the premises was more than two and a half times greater than the cadastral value of the actual Central Children's Store building itself.

The outcome of the court proceedings was that the cadastral value was cut several fold. This substantially reduced the amount of the tax base for corporate property tax, helping the company to make significant savings.

Opening of a global brand's flagship store in Moscow

Our lawyers represented a French multinational group, the second biggest worldwide brand portfolio of luxury, sport & lifestyle divisions and retail brands, in a transaction to lease 2,000 sq. m. of retail premises in extremely close proximity to the Kremlin.Among the tasks our team had to accomplish was full transactional support , including for the subsequent renovation of the facilities before the store opened. 

Support for the investment projects of a major retailer of building and finishing materials For five years Pepeliaev Group has been providing ongoing legal support to a French retailer of building and finishing materials worldwide. Among the services we provide are due diligence of acquired land plots, deal structuring, and legal support for several investment projects in different parts of Russia
Drafting a franchise agreement Developed industry-specific franchise agreements for the catering and exhibition industries with heavy emphasis on staff training.
Recommendations on how to finalise in docu­mentation contractual relations We were commissioned by a leading FMCG company to perform a detailed analysis of the tax consequences of different types of cooperation between producers and third parties to promote sales. We also prepared recommendations on how to finalise in docu­mentation contractual relations with distributors, retail outlets and advertising agencies;
Handling a number of criminal cases Instructed by a major international retailer and manufacturer of household goods with an extensive network of stores in Russia, we handled a number of criminal cases in which company employees were held liable for thefts of company property. The company regarded the fact that former employees were held liable as being a deterrent to those still employed within the company. All of the criminal cases went to court, with the guilty parties punished by imprisonment by virtue of article 73 (conditional conviction) of the Russian Criminal Code being applied. Civil lawsuits were upheld in full.
Appealing a request to supply information Appealing a request from a police authority addressed to a major international retailer asking the retailer to supply information and documents. After the Moscow City State Prosecutor’s Office had examined the arguments set out in our appeal, it addressed a demand to the Deputy Head of the City of Moscow Internal Affairs Division for the information request to be withdrawn because it was neither grounded nor substantiated.
Contractual work Advised an international FMCG company on planning and holding a major advertising campaign. We drafted a number of agreements dealing with famous ice-hockey players taking part in the advertising campaign.  
Legal support during inspections conducted by state authorities Prepared a list of audits conducted by state and municipal authorities during the Olympic Games in Sochi, including an analysis of possible legislative prohibitions on advertising during the competitions. We also advised on the legal aspects of purchasing tickets for the event.

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