Commercial practice

Commercial practice

The commercial practice is a crucial element in the corporate division of our firm. The lawyers of the practice work in close collaboration with lawyers from other divisions. Together they implement integrated projects, providing legal assistance to the business activities of our clients.

We are convinced that competent legal advice should be sought before any important project is implemented, whether it involves a new product being launched on the market, technologies being developed and introduced, or business practices being adjusted to changes in legislation. This ensures that the project will be successfully implemented and mitigates the risks of troubled relationships with partners and the state.

Our lawyers who specialise in commercial contracts have extensive experience of drafting and preparing contracts, analysing the movement of funds and changes in the value.

We will readily provide support to any type of entry into the Russian market to add value to our clients' business.

Our services:

  • Drafting and analysing commercial contracts and holding negotiations to conclude them
  • Drafting ancillary documentation to contracts 
  • Legal audit of companies' contractual frameworks
  • Structuring contractual relationships
  • Identifying and analysing commercial risks which arise within newly created or already existing contractual relationships
  • Resolving issues relating to legislation on the protection of consumer rights


Participating in developing and promoting innovative models for the supply of medicines Lawyers of Pepeliaev Group's commercial practice participated in developing and promoting innovative models for the supply of medicines, which have the potential to make expensive unique pharmaceuticals more accessible for state procurement.
At present the client is pushing this model forward with other parties to the procurement process including state authorities and other manufacturers of unique medicines, in order for it to be implemented as early as possible.
Protecting the interests of a major Korean energy holding company in court Pepeliaev Group’s team of lawyers have successfully safeguarded the interests of Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd - a major Korean energy holding company in the first instance court.
Our client was seeking to recover from its Russian contracting party a four-million dollar debt under agreements for the sale and purchase of products manufactured in Korea. The project continued for more than one year. The primary difficulty was that there was no single document that amounted to a written sale and purchase (or supply) agreement between the parties. Instead, only e-mail correspondence between representatives of the claimant and the defendant was available. Further, the products from Korea were not shipped directly to the claimant, but they were sent to addresses of third parties which the defendant specified in its e-mail requests. The defendant had no formal connection with the recipients of the products. Nevertheless, Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers succeeded in persuading the court that the parties had entered into one-time sale and purchase agreements by exchanging correspondence by e-mail.
Other projects

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