Services for private clients

Services for private clients

Pepeliaev Group’s professional team includes lawyers with a track record over more than 20 years who provide prompt, high-Legal-500-leading-firm-2020.jpgquality support to private clients, mostly top management of leading Russian and international companies, owners of large and medium-sized businesses in Russia, and show business professionals. Our firm’s highly qualified experts will help you lower the risks of being held liable, whether connected with public relationships including business management, or private life.

We provide legal support to clients in all areas of Russia, in the CIS countries and abroad. Pepeliaev Group is a member of TerraLex www.terralex.org which is among the largest international associations bringing together leading national law firms from over 100 countries of the world. In addition to our staff, we engage, whenever required, international experts, some of whom have been working with us for more than 10 years. We have developed a network of partners in the CIS and have effective working relationship with specialists who possess in-depth knowledge of local business practices and legal regulations to make sure that we can support projects of any level of complexity.

Tax return campaign

Traditionally, people have recourse to legal assistance when they need:

  • to prove deductions, expenses and losses relating to securities;
  • to gather accounts of income that is not subject to withholding tax in Russia (as a rule, this is a question of foreign income).

Within the scope of the tax advice they provide, our experts are ready to offer the above services in preparing tax returns, as well asrepresenting clients before the tax authorities.

We are pleased to offer legal support in completing and filing tax returns.

Standard return

  • meeting with the client / speaking by telephone to discuss the current position;
  • analysing the documents the client provides to us;
  • completing the return and agreeing with the client the issues that arise;
  • filing the return with the tax authority;
  • monitoring acceptance of the return and, if necessary, holding telephone discussions with the tax authority’s representatives over matters that arise.

If necessary, we will visit the tax inspectorate to negotiate on all contentious points.

Expanded return

Drafting an expanded return is similar to drafting a standard return, but it is used when additional documents and information from counterparties or additional transaction details are required, or when the documents provided by the client’s counterparties need to beadjusted.

A confirmation for a foreign bank that obligations to the Russian tax authority have been performed

In cases when a foreign bank requests from individuals, who are Russian tax residents, a statement to confirm that assets and income credited to accounts in the foreign bank have been duly reported to the relevant tax authorities of the Russian Federation. Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers (hailed by the Legal 500 and Chambers&Partners international ratings), are ready to assist in drawing up such documents.

The following documents are needed:

  • excerpts from the account in the foreign bank (from the opening date and with explanations regarding all transactions for the last three years);
  • a notification that the account (accounts) has (have) been opened, bearing a mark of the tax authority;
  • a statement of cash flow on the foreign accounts for 2015 and 2016, bearing a mark the tax authority;
  • income statements (issued according to the "2-NDFL" form) with respect to income sent to accounts in the foreign bank (if applicable);
  • tax returns (form 3-NDFL) with respect to the income credited to the account(s) in the foreign bank for the last three years (if applicable);
  • a special declaration which was filed within the framework of the law on the amnesty of capitals (if applicable).

Based on the results of assessing the information and documents, we will provide a statement for the bank.

If any of the above documents are missing, our lawyers can prepare them.


Corporate structuring of a business
Advised a private client in relation to the corporate structuring of a business; provided legal support for a transaction to acquire a controlling interest in a major Russian river transporter. The value of the transaction was USD 10,000,000.
Minimising the possible tax risks
Assessed tax consequences of an individual acquiring land plots from a Russian legal entity of which he was the majority shareholder for the purpose of further reselling them to third parties; made suggestions regarding how to structure the transaction to minimise the possible tax risks.
Other projects