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Corporate structuring of a business Advised a private client in relation to the corporate structuring of a business; provided legal support for a transaction to acquire a controlling interest in a major Russian river transporter. The value of the transaction was USD 10,000,000.
Minimising the possible tax risks Assessed tax consequences of an individual acquiring land plots from a Russian legal entity of which he was the majority shareholder for the purpose of further reselling them to third parties; made suggestions regarding how to structure the transaction to minimise the possible tax risks.
A case on compensating damage caused by repair work Prepared a legal position for a case on compensating damage caused by repair work. The claimant set a significant sum that had been reached on the basis of an estimate from a repair and construction company. Our attorneys developed a legal position for the defendant, supplied the relevant documents for the case file and provided assistance in organising a repair and construction expert review. Based on the evidence that our attorneys had gathered, the court rejected in full the claims for damage to be compensated.
Resolving a corporate conflict Represented a private client who owned an interest of 49% in a Russian company in the context of resolving a corporate conflict. 
Advising on issues of law and the legal capacity of Russian citizens of minority age Preparing a legal opinion for a French notary on issues of law and the legal capacity of Russian citizens of minority age and the powers of their lawful representatives to dispose of property belonging to the minors, for the purposes of disposing of shares in a legal entity incorporated under French law and of real estate in France/
Preparing a legal opinion regarding the ownership Prepared a legal opinion for a Russian individual regarding the ownership, use and disposal of a high-value item of real estate located in Russia, and the possibility for such real estate to be used under a contract for use free of charge or a hire contract, assessing the individual’s tax risks.

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