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What she specialises in

Olga Puchkova has more than 30 years of professional experience in family law, inheritance law and related legal relationships, including in litigation concerning these areas. For this reason, she gives advice that is not theoretical but deeply practical in nature, taking account of court and administrative practice.

Her key achievements

Among Olga’s major projects are:

  • drafting contracts and agreements for divorces, which allow property issues to be resolved, and issues regarding maintenance payments for children to be settled in an amicable way out of court;

  • successfully representing clients in lawsuits to have wills invalidated;

  • preparing agreements to divide inherited property, preventing a property conflict between heirs;

  • successfully representing the client in lawsuits to have a pre-nuptial contract / an agreement for the division of property invalidated and have commonly earned property divided, including cases with foreign elements;

  • providing legal support in estate planning for major property complexes (including projects to transfer the assets of a complex business);

  • drafting pre-nuptial contracts both before and after marriage has been concluded (including drafts of pre-nuptial contracts as ways to divide property if spouses have conflicts of interest).

Olga has authored many published articles in the prominent tax journal 'Nalogoved' regarding taxation and the interpretation of legal rules in case law.

What they say

An individual and creative approach to giving advice (Chambers Europe).

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