Ratings and Awards

WTR 1000 – The World's Leading Trademark Professionals

Prosecusion and strategy - Band 2 (Silver)

Enforcement and litigation - Band 3 (Bronze)

Individual Rating

Prosecusion and strategy – Valentina Orlova - Band 1 (Gold)

Few can match the astonishing track record of Pepeliaev Group: it has a hit rate of over 95% in civil and commercial litigation and has faced just seven refusals from Rospatent in the past five years, four of which it successfully overturned. It is no wonder that companies of all stripes from all corners of the globe seek it out to register and protect their trademarks in Russia and elsewhere. Licensing work is also high on the agenda and dispatched with aplomb by the commercially attuned group. Head of Practice Valentina Orlova is an integral cog in both the registration and licensing functions of the practice: “Valentina has a strong academic background in law and is highly respected for her in-depth knowledge of trademarks.”

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