Additions to the list of the most affected industries

The list of the most affected industries has been extended to include media outlets and production of printed products, as well as supporting space activities.

The Government has approved Resolution No. 745 dated 26 May 2020 according to which the list of sectors of the economy which have been affected the most by the spread of the coronavirus infection (see the Government’s Resolution No. 434 dated 3 April 2020) is being supplemented with section 12 “Media outlets and production of printed products”. From now on, companies engaged in TV- and radio-broadcasting, online media, information agencies, companies printing and publishing books, journals and magazines, and other periodicals will be able to apply for state support measures.

Moreover, the Resolution has amended section 1 “Air carriage and airport operations”. The list of “affected” industries now comprises the whole group of “Supporting activity related to air and space transport” (OKVED code 52.23) instead of the subheading “Supporting activity related to air transport” (OKVED code 52.23.1), which was previously included. Therefore, spacecraft and space communication ground control centres and organisations that train astronauts and emergency and search and rescue teams (e.g. teams evacuating space capsules and space rockets) and those engaged in other activities that are auxiliary to space transport will be able to take advantage of state benefits.

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