The option has become available on the Gosuslugi portal to submit documents to the federal bailiff service electronically

Pepeliaev Group advises of the launch of a new service that enables remote interaction with the Federal Court Bailiff Service (“FCBS”) and its structural subdivisions.

Purposes of the service

The new service has been created in order to simplify interaction with court bailiffs for individuals and legal entities that are seeking recovery or are debtors in enforcement proceedings. 

This service allows for applications, petitions, clarifications, rejections and complaints relating to enforcement proceedings to be sent to the FCBS electronically.

Thanks to this new option fewer personal visits are made to the FCBS’s offices and the relevant expenses are reduced. 

How the new service works

The service is available to individuals who have a verified account on the public services portal (‘Gosuslugi’). At the same time, when applying for the service an individual may act either on his/her own (if he/she is a party to enforcement proceedings) or as a representative of another individual (in this case an electronic archive needs to be attached to the application, containing a notarised power of attorney and a detached digital signature of the notary in sig format).

An application may also be filed through a legal entity’s account[1].

According to the FCBS, the most recent plans are to launch a platform of legal entities’ powers on the Gosuslugi portal, which will allow the general manager to delegate powers in the interests of the company to other employees of the company to enable them to file applications to the FCBS using the service.

The search is conducted based on the main life situations in which people are required to apply to court bailiffs in the course of enforcement proceedings (for instance, to complain about the actions of a court bailiff, to check whether funds have been collect-ed correctly from the debtor and to terminate enforcement proceedings). 

The period for examining an application depends on the type of such application.

Once the application, petition or complaint is examined, the court bailiff will issue a resolution that may be subsequently viewed in the applicant’s personal account on the Gosuslugi portal.

[1] A legal entity’s account can be created on the Gosuslugi portal by a person who has a verified individual ac-count on the portal and can act on behalf of a legal entity without a power of attorney (the CEO or another per-son). To register, one will also need a digital signature of the legal entity (a person who may act on behalf of the legal entity without a power of attorney must be specified as the owner of the verification key for electronic digital signature). 

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