Mediation in experience and vision of the Russian Pacific


Today in most countries, Russia is perceived as a country with a lagging legal and economic system in which all disputes and disagreements are resolved by force and power. However, this is just a stereotype that has nothing to do with reality. Mediation in Russia has been known since ancient times. Over the centuries, the conciliation procedures in Russia have undergone great changes and have passed on their own unique way of development – from the rite of the Slavs «twinning» to mediation in its modern sense. At the same time, the development of mediation in Russia has its own characteristics associated with the size of its territory, a well-built structure of power, the multi-ethnic nature of its people with their distinctive cultural characteristics, and the presence of centuries-old close political, economic, and cultural ties with a large number of countries connected to the borders of Russia, which have brought their own special European, Asian and Eastern way of life and thinking to the country. 

The state and the judiciary in modern Russia are the main initiators of the introduction of conciliation procedures in the country. For this, at the moment, a large-scale reform of the legislation regulating conciliation procedures is being carried out, and completely new varieties and methods of dispute settlement are being introduced. 

It should be noted that the development of conciliation procedures in the Far East of Russia has been greater specificity and its problems of formation. Despite this, the various professional commercial structures involved in the provision of mediation conciliation services, together with the authorities and courts, are trying to overcome all the difficulties of mediation in the Pacific region of Russia. Developing its own unique way of resolving disputes and conflicts would allow a completely new level to resolve disputes and conflicts, not only in the country, but also in the international arena. This would allow us to unite all mankind, make the world better and safer, and make the States more prosperous. 

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