The business mission to China of a delegation from Pepeliaev Group’s Far East Office

A delegation of Pepeliaev Group’s Far East Office has visited China on a business mission, which included a number of events and meetings with clients.

On 8 December in Dalian (China), Partner and Head of Far East Office, Natalia Prisekina, held a meeting with senior year students of the Russian Language Institute of the Dalian University of Foreign Languages. The meeting touched upon issues related to the development of Russia's business with China in the Far East, considering the existing and planned preferential investment regimes in the region, as well as joint business projects. It also assessed the advantages and prospects for the development of Russian-Chinese economic relationships, international commercial arbitration, the activities of the ICAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and its branch in Vladivostok. The students were particularly interested in information about the advantages of arbitration in Russia, alternative arbitration clauses, arbitrators’ activities and opportunities to obtain higher education in Russia, including legal education.

A further meeting that Natalia Prisekina and Senior Associate Victoria Krupina had on 12 December took place at our Chinese client’s enterprise in Dalian. Previously the team from our Far Eastern Office had successfully defended major Chinese shipbuilding company Liao Yu Group Ltd. in a case featuring a lawsuit filed by its Russian customer with ungrounded claims under an agreement for repair works of a seal vessel.

During the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the shipbuilding company’s management, as well as lawyers from our Chinese partner firm Beijing Yinghong Law Firm and Pepeliaev Group, the contribution was acknowledged of each team member from both the client and from the Chinese and Russian lawyers. The company's representatives conducted a tour of the company’s port infrastructure facilities and presented their promising projects to the Russian guests.

On 13 December Natalia Prisekina and Victoria Krupina participated in the 2nd Northeast Asia International Commercial Dispute Resolution Summit organised in Dalian by the China Maritime Arbitration Commission, Dalian Maritime Court of the PRC and Dalian Maritime University.
Natalia Prisekina informed participants about arbitration in Russia and the role of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in settling international commercial disputes. She also acted as a commentator in an arbitration role play involving student teams from the law schools of Dalian Maritime University and Shanghai Maritime University.

On the eve of the event our experts managed to visit the office of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) in Dalian and to discuss with the CMAC’s representatives the prospects of cooperation.

On 15 December Natalia Prisekina gave a presentation on access to justice and arbitration as an alternative tool for resolving international commercial disputes at the 14th International Conference of New Haven School of Law and International Law on “Human Dignity in a Changing World”. This took place at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China) and was organised by the Academy of International Strategy and Law, Zhejiang University School of Law and Yale Law School.

The conference was attended by leading experts and researchers from China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Austria, Kazakhstan, Australia, the USA, France, Japan, Hungary, the UK, and Italy.

081223 (1).png
Natalia Prisekina with students of the Russian Language Institute of the Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Victoria Krupina and Natalia Prisekina at the office of Liao Yu Group Ltd.

131223 (1).png
Natalia Prisekina and Victoria Krupina at the 2nd Northeast Asia International Commercial Dispute Resolution Summit

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