Pepeliaev Group at the St. Petersburg Law Summit

Pepeliaev Group’s experts will take an active part in the programme of the St. Petersburg Law Summit organised by Action Pravo Publishers, to be held on 18 to 20 May in St. Petersburg.

On Thursday 19 May, a number of sessions will take place. The discussion “Consequences of family relationships for a company. How a lawyer can mitigate the negative impact of conflicts, divorces or deaths of the owners” will feature Alexander Kuznetsov, head of the Corporate Disputes Group at Pepeliaev Group.

The session “High-profile litigations in the energy industry. What has changed in the past two years” will feature Yulia Litovtseva, a Parter at Pepeliaev Group, and Mikhail Tserkovnikov, head of the firm's Energy Group. The experts will discuss the arbitrability of disputes in the sphere of energy, issues relating to priority in the satisfaction of the claims of a utility company which cannot restrict the supplies of a resource to a bankrupt party in order to avoid accidents and catastrophes, and issues relating to the consumption of a grid-supplied resource which is outside the framework of a contract and is not accounted for.

Sergey Pepeliaev, Managing Partner of Pepeliaev Group, will participate in a round table discussion with writer Alexander Tsypkin titled “The pitfalls of profession and personality. How can a lawyer handle uncertainty?”. Alexander Tsypkin will ask his colleagues, journalists, doctors, and artists how to keep our balance for the sake of ourselves and those we support.

Roman Bevzenko, a Partner at Pepeliaev Group, will participate in the discussion “Real estate. Changes in the Civil Code to come in 2023, which it is time now to take into account”.

And, to wrap up, in the evening, on the fringes of the official programme of the law summit, Pepeliaev Group invites its guests to an event dedicated to the law firm’s 20th birthday. The venue that we have chosen is one of the finest palaces of St. Petersburg, the palace of Great Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich. The invitees will have a unique opportunity to see the splendid interiors of the Palace in their natural state, to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of the aristocratic chic of the ХIX century and join in with the history of the family of the Great Prince.

On Friday 20 May, Sergey Sosnovsky, a Partner at Pepeliaev Group, will participate in the discussion “Relationships with controlling bodies”. The discussion will be dedicated to challenges of communicating with the Russian Federal Tax Service: what a lawyer should know about the requirements of the tax authorities to avoid their company falling under sanctions.

Konstantin Sharlovsky, head of the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Practice at Pepeliaev Group, will speak at the session “Doing pharmaceutical business in Russia under the current conditions: Opportunities and risks”. The experts will dwell on the corporate and practical aspects of the pharmaceutical business, counter-sanctions and support measures.

Sergey Spasennov, a Senior Partner at Pepeliaev Group and head of the firm's St Petersburg Office, will participate in a discussion about the reputation of a law firm titled “How the behaviour of an advisor affects sales”. The participants of the discussion will look into what can and what should not be done when selling legal services in order to attract the attention of potential clients. Experience will be shared by the heads of legal departments who regularly buy such services, and advisors who sell them successfully.

The full programme of the St. Petersburg Law Summit can be found on the official website of the event.

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