Elena Sokolovskaya debated antitrust compliance at a conference organised by Vedomosti


Elena Sokolovskaya, Head of Pepeliaev Group’s Antitrust Practice, took part in the annual conference “Antimonopoly Regulation in Russia” organised by the newspaper Vedomosti on 25 October 2019 in Moscow.

Elena acted as a co-moderator of the session “Debates. Antitrust Compliance: a Healthy Lifestyle or a Burden?” The participants of the session included representatives of major Russian and international companies. They discussed the advantages of having an antitrust compliance system in place, as well as whether the expenses on the development and implementation of the system are commensurate with the ultimate benefit that the company may obtain. The session followed the format of debates with audience participation in the discussion of the issue. 

After the event, Elena shared her impressions of the session's new format and the conclusions that were reached regarding compliance.

To watch the video (Vedomosti. Conferences)

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