Pepeliaev Group does not provide chargeback services


Lately, we have been receiving information about fraudsters purporting to act on behalf of Pepeliaev Group and offering chargeback services to individuals. After people transfer payment for the service, the fraudsters cease all communication.

In view of this, we would like to point out that our firm does not provide chargeback services to individuals. You can find the complete list of services provided by Pepeliaev Group on our website in the “Services” section.

We will not allow fraudsters to parasitize the reputation of one of Russia's most reliable and reputable law firms. All communications received by Pepeliaev Group are sent to law enforcement authorities who will investigate these incidents and prosecute the parties responsible.

If any of our fellow professionals from the legal community have encountered a similar situation, we suggest uniting our efforts to combat the fraudsters. Please contact Alexander Vinogradov.

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