Pepeliaev Group announces that it has created a new Legal Protection of Data Practice


Law firm Pepeliaev Group is pleased to announce the formation of its new Legal Protection of Data Practice. Dmitry Zykov, who previously dealt with legal protection of data as part of the Employment and Migration Law Practice, has been appointed head of the new Practice.

The key areas of the new Practice are: advising on compliance with the requirements of data protection laws; representing clients in disputes with data subjects concerning personal data processing issues; assisting clients in obtaining licences and complying with the licence requirements in the area of data protection; drafting the documents necessary for a commercial secrecy regime to be introduced; drafting confidentiality agreements and undertakings; providing legal support during inspections of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and the Mass Media (known in Russian as ‘Roskomnadzor’); and advising on document flow issues and on storing information. The lawyers of the new practice advise IT experts and provide legal expert opinions on IT solutions.

In today’s world, there is more demand than ever for highly qualified legal support offering protection to business in relation to the processing of different types of sensitive information. This is only natural given that the legislature and regulators are taking such an active interest in the area of confidential information, that information technology is developing so rapidly, that the information space is expanding, and that there is increasing competition on markets where information is the main asset. The lawyers in our Legal Protection of Data Practice have extensive experience of advising on issues concerning, among other things: the processing of personal data; the protection of national security, trade secrets and banking secrecy; complying with national security, trade secrets and banking secrecy regimes; complying with legislation on insider information; and using e-signatures for commercial purposes.

“Sometimes it is virtually impossible to control the circulation of data in the modern world. Therefore, lawmakers continue to toughen up the requirements for data operators but these do not always help to protect data from offenders, and at times they create significant barriers for lawful activities," comments Dmitry Zykov, Head of the new Legal Protection of Data Practice. "In this regard, we observe a growing interest of good faith companies in arranging their business processes in such a way that they can attain their goals and comply with the necessary requirements. Our goal is to help such companies”.

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