Defended a bank's senior manager in a dispute concerning secondary liability for RUB 2.6 billion

The team from our bankruptcy and anti-crisis protection of business practice was successful in defending a bank’s senior manager against secondary liability amounting to RUB 2.6 billion. Our adversarial process in the first instance court against the Deposit Insurance Agency and the majority creditor lasted for 8 years. Finally, the outcome was that we managed to prove the client and the credit institution’s anti-crisis team to have acted lawfully while he held his position.  

The cornerstone of this dispute was the issue of whether there were grounds for the client, as acting chairman of the management, to take measures to prevent the credit institution from becoming bankrupt. We carried out a detailed economic, financial and legal analysis of the bank's activities and the status of its borrowers, as well as substantiated the differentiation of risk between structural units. This allowed us to justify that our client had acted in good faith and that his business decisions had been lawful.  


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