Family and inheritance law

Family and inheritance law

Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers offer full legal support in family and inheritance law. 
The Group’s lawyers provide advice on property and non-property related personal issues in relation to any family relationships, including when people are planning to marry. We help our clients with drafting a well thought out pre-nuptial contract, providing support in ensuring that its conditions are enforced, and resolving ancillary questions. 

We hope that our clients will enjoy harmony in their family lives, but, if necessary, we are ready to provide advice and support in litigation concerning the dissolution of a marriage, the award and payment of alimony, the division of property, as well as issues arising in relation to rights of access or custody for a parent and to paternity. 

The Group’s services also include advising and enforcing inheritance rights, providing support during the subsequent disposal of inherited property, and providing legal support in any inheritance disputes. 

Professional services

Pre-nuptial contract

  • providing advice on property issues and non-property personal issues that the parties face at any stage of family relationships;
  • providing advice on property issues at the stage when people are planning to marry;
  • drafting a well thought out pre-nuptial contract which takes into account the prospect for the family relationship of the spouses to develop (including property rights among others);
  • providing support in enforcing the terms and conditions of a pre-nuptial contract;
  • handling disputes that involve challenging pre-nuptial contracts and seeking to have them amended or terminated.            

Dissolving a marriage; dividing property; obtaining an award of alimony; determining the procedure for access to children

  • Providing advice on divorce and litigating divorce cases, as well as cases of the following types: those seeking an award of alimony or a change to the amount of alimony; those that involve dividing property; those determining the place where minor children will live and the procedure for parental access to children; those seeking to deprive a parent of parental rights; and those that involve establishing paternity.                

All inheritance issues

All matters concerning inheritance (wills and testaments, contracts of succession, trust funds, etc.)  

Inheritance disputes

  • providing advice and enforcing inheritance rights (including cases when the property is located outside Russia);
  • assisting in the subsequent disposal of inherited property;
  • and other inheritance disputes at all stages.        

Other issues        

  • establishing the fact that persons are related to one another, and other facts of legal importance;
  • optimising taxation for family members in connection with the new property tax for individuals.

Our Family and Inheritance Law Group offers corporate clients the following ways of working together.

First of all, any company's main asset is its people. And no matter what global tasks your employees have, their performance at work will be completely ineffective if family problems overwhelm them: they will spend their working time searching a resolution and will share their worries with colleagues. By obtaining expert advice on a timely basis, the employee will be able to quickly find answers to the questions that are causing him or her concern, thus restoring both the work performance of the individual in question and the overall working environment.  

1) Seminars

Holding a seminar at your company’s office. During the seminar, your employees will have the opportunity not only to receive the information about topical issues of family and inheritance law, but also to ask our experts the questions they are interested in. 

2) Subscription services

We will put together an individually tailored programme of subscription services, based on the current needs of your company. The programme includes our written advice or advising the client's employees via telephone or by video conference calls on a regular basis. 

3) Field support

Providing legal support to employees at your company's office. Our experts visit your office on agreed dates and provide oral individual advice to employees ‘without disrupting the working process’.   


Full legal support when dissolving a marriage
When dissolving a marriage, the spouses have decided to resolve all property issues and issues regarding upbringing and maintenance payments for minor children in an amicable way and out of court. At their request the lawyers have drafted a number of contracts and agreements, and provided legal support during execution of these documents. As a result a significant amount of money has been saved as well as good relationships between former spouses and other family members.
Preventing property conflicts between heirs
Four heirs came into inheritance. Their ‘abrasive’ relationships would not allow them to comfortably use the immovable property they inherited, with each of them owning a portion. The situation was complicated by the fact that the real estate was located abroad. Lawyers drafted an inheritance sharing agreement drafted based on the results of numerous negotiations, which took into account the interests of all heirs to the greatest extent possible.
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