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Administrative law defence of business

Administrative law defence of business

Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers are ready to assess and eliminate risks when you start to implement your business objectives, to effectively develop the policy according to which your company will be dealing with state authorities throughout the entire period during which the company is active, and to resolve a conflict that has already originated with a state authority with the minimum losses for the company.

Dealing with state authorities

Advice on administrative law issues in the following areas:

  • Technical regulation
  • Production of and trade in ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages and products containing alcohol
  • Regulation of trading activities
  • The procedure of state and municipal management and control
  • Banking and cash register transactions
  • Foreign currency regulation and control
  • Defending business entities against groundless consumer claims
  • Ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological safety of citizens
  • Environmental protection and management
  • The operation of hazardous production facilities

Obtaining licences and other permissions and having them reissued

Legislative drafting, acting as an expert and information services


Technical regulation
Working together with the client Pepeliaev Group’s experts identified that the client’s products were at variance with technical regulations. They developed a procedure for eliminating the probable negative implications of launching several lots of such products on the market. This arrangement was in line with both the business interests, as well as Russian legislation.
Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers have alerted their client of the risks pertaining to the obligation to include overburden dumps in the State Register of Waste Disposal Facilities
Our lawyers have prepared a legal opinion for a large mining company in Novosibirsk Region regarding the ‘legalisation’ of overburden dumps.
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