Legal GR and defence against illegal takeovers

Legal GR and defence against illegal takeovers

Legal GR. Liaising with institutions for the protection of business


  • When state authorities significantly violate a company’s rights.

  • When there is a risk of criminal prosecution of a company’s officers.

  • When state authorities become involved in competition


  • Developing a ‘road map’ of measures to resolve a conflict situation that has taken shape.

  • Selecting the most effective tools for the protection of companies’ rights.

  • Drafting appeals, motions and personalised letters in the interests of the client.

  • Providing legal support when an appeal is considered.

  • Organising an independent expert review, attracting the attention of the mass media and initiating a public discussion to achieve the best results.

  • Liaising with the competent state authorities to develop measures to respond to an appeal and achieve a favourable resolution of the situation.

Providing support in changing the regulatory environment for the client’s benefit


  • When there is a difficult legal regulation entailing risks of an administrative, corruption or criminal law impact on good-faith market players

  • When there is a possibility of adverse changes in legislation or of the adoption of discriminatory subordinate legislative acts

  • When players understand the long-standing need to enhance the legislation affecting a particular sector


  • Developing a legal position to provide rationale for the client’s request and analysing legal instruments required for the goal of the project to be attained

  • Forming a pool of industry players that have similar interests in changing the current regulation

  • Offering a systemic solution including preparing a corresponding draft law

  • Working with public, private and state-owned institutions for the support of business, including business associations

  • Liaising with expert platforms to form a well-grounded position on the matter at hand, and holding round tables and discussions

  • Providing PR support for the project


Protection from the seizure of a market share of a company
Helped prevent criminal prosecution of a businessman
Other projects