Legislative work

Legislative work

Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers have enormous experience of drafting laws and, over many years, have been engaged to work on expert councils to improve legislation at the request of the State Duma and the Council of the Federation, as well as the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the Russian Accounts Chamber and other senior state authorities.

When those affected by a legislative initiative, trade associations and major companies turn to us, we become involved in the process of legislative drafting on both the federal and regional levels. 


  • Assessing the implications for business of draft laws being developed by state authorities and other organisations, and coming up with proposals to modify such draft laws;
  • Identifying systemic problems in legislation, and administrative and court decisions applying it, that require amendments to legislation;
  • Studying experience overseas of how similar legal issues are regulated;
  • Preparing proposals for amendments to legislation and justifying them on economic and legal grounds;
  • Drafting laws and sending them to those affected by a legislative initiative;
  • Lobbying draft laws before the state authorities by acting as legal experts;
  • Arranging public hearings, discussions and meetings in relation to issues arising from draft laws.


Working on the Code of Administrative Offences and on the Russian Administrative Court Procedure Code

Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers are permanently involved in drafting and amending the main codified regulatory acts which affect the interests of the business community, namely the Code of Administrative Offences and the Administrative Court Procedure Code. In addition, we work on draft resolutions of the Plenum of the Russian Supreme Court regarding the application of these acts.

Drafted amendments to antimonopoly legislation
The project is unique because while preparing the opinion, the lawyers took into consideration provisions of Russian legislation, practice of the Federal Antimonopoly Service and of state commercial (‘arbitration’) courts, constitutional principles, experience of the European Commission, of European competition authorities as well as of European courts (the General Court and European Court of Justice).
The client puts forward the opinion we prepared in various contexts, including when working with non-profit organisations, particularly with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and when working with state authorities to promote the ideas set out in the opinion. This opinion applies not only to the client’s business, but it also includes proposed changes: a reform of antimonopoly legislation, which is important at a higher level, for antimonopoly regulation in Russia in general.
We have performed comprehensive analytical work towards improving antimonopoly legislation, taking into account international experience that we studied and applied effectively. 
Other projects

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