Translation and interpreting

Translation and interpreting

Developing business, finding new foreign partners and building business relations with them are impossible without documents translated correctly into a foreign language and drawn up properly.

As the saying goes, ‘every man to his trade’ and a person who can produce a pithy English phrase to match the Russian equivalent can flounder when faced with a tough legal document.

There are easy, routine tasks that any specialist who knows a foreign language can complete on their own. But when it comes to translating legal documents it is very important not to overlook subtle nuances, choose the terms correctly, stress certain points and prevent any distortion, inaccuracies and ambiguities. It’s safer to trust professional and experienced legal translators and then be certain about the outcome. Pepeliaev Group employs professional translators and editors who specialise in the translation of legal, tax and financial documents, as well as documents relating to the securities market, accounting, construction and information technologies. Our translators have an outstanding command of legal terminology and know very well the fine differences among many countries’ legal systems.  

Types of services

  • Russian to English and English to Russian translations of documents of any complexity
  • Editing of translations into English by a native speaking editor
  • Translations to/from other languages through partner agencies and independent outsource translators
  • Checking of translations into Russian completed by third-party translators
  • Arranging for the translator’s signature and copies of the document to be certified by a notary
  • Consecutive Russian-English interpretation during business meetings and conferences
  • Holding instructional seminars and training sessions for Russian-speaking lawyers on drafting legal documents in English

Types of translated documents

Pepeliaev Group routinely translates the following legal and business documents: 

  • Agreements (lease, mortgage, pledge, sale and purchase, supply, contractor, employment, etc.) 
  • Constituent documents (charters, foundation agreements, resolutions)
  • Legislation and regulations issued by government ministries and departments 
  • Registration documents, certificates
  • Financial statements, audit reports, appraisers’ reports
  • Companies' internal constituent documents 
  • Construction documents based on FIDIC model contracts
  • Documents associated with court proceedings and out-of-court settlements
  • Legal opinions and memorandums
  • Technical guidelines, warranties, website materials
  • Marketing materials (letters, brochures, leaflets, marketing summaries)
  • Legislative reviews, market news, press releases 
  • Business correspondence

Our advantages     

  • We offer you a one-stop shop: you can turn to us for all kinds of services
  • Our translations are marked by their linguistic accuracy and use of proper legal definitions. Being part of the overall structure of Pepeliaev Group, our translation department works closely with the firm’s legal practice groups. This allows us to promptly and easily clarify complex points with appropriate specialists of and to resolve regarding the text
  • Besides linguistic degrees, many of Pepeliaev Group’s translators hold degrees in law and economics, which helps them to prepare high-quality translations of specialised documents
  • In addition to his linguistic degree, the editor of the translations department of Pepeliaev Group is an English Solicitor, so when editing translations he evaluates them not only as an editor, but also from a lawyer's perspective
  • We undertake the obligation to maintain confidentiality.