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At Pepeliaev Group we offer professional translation and editing of legal and general business texts, as well as arranging for notarial certification of translations. We translate contracts and agreements, legislative texts, articles of association, powers of attorney, certificates, permits, legal opinions, litigation documents and documents for out-of-court settlements, financial and audit materials, overviews of legislation, and press releases, to name but a few.

The service fee starts from USD 30 per one page of the target text (1680 symbols including spaces).

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What we offer



The company’s legal translation team consists of seasoned professionals with 10+ years of work experience and a legal editor who is qualified in both linguistics and law.



We do not create a literal translation. We convey ideas rather than words, yet without losing a single detail.


Thoughtful approach.

We do not offer clients machine translation. Every text is translated by a human.


Access to reference databases.

Our translators use Russian legal reference systems. We know how to search for legislation in foreign languages. After all, we have a mastery of Google.


Notarial certification.

We are happy to arrange for translations to be certified by a notary when needed.


Absolute confidentiality.

You can feel secure in entrusting your text to Pepeliaev Group.


Full range of legal services.

We are a law firm, not a translation agency. Should you need legal services apart from translation, we will be happy to refer you to our colleagues.


  • we work with English, German, French and Russian

  • for other European languages and Oriental languages we engage reliable partners.

For whom do we work

  • We provide services to legal entities and individuals who need high-quality legal translation.

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Frequently asked questions


How can I estimate the cost of my translation?

You need to divide the number of symbols in your text (spaces included) by 1680 (one translation page) and multiply the result by USD 30 (this gives the basic translation rate without the cost of editing). The final translation fee is calculated based on the target text and may differ slightly from the preliminary estimate.

Approximate fee estimate:   / 1680x30

Result:  0$


How soon can you translate my text?

The standard timing is 8 translation pages per day. We can work faster, if necessary, but in that case we will most likely charge a higher rate.


I need my translation to be certified by a notary. Can you help with this?

Yes, of course, we can arrange for our translation to be certified by a notary.


My text is not quite of a legal or business nature. Will you take it?

Send your text to j.lipina@pgplaw.ru. We will be happy to study it and get back to you. We have extensive experience of translating materials on marketing, medical, pharmaceutical, technical and other subjects.

Would you like to start working with us?

Please send your questions about the translation fee and deadlines to the Head of Translation Department Julia Lipina at: j.lipina@pgplaw.ru. We will prepare a cost estimate and get back to you by e-mail or telephone. Then, if you accept our terms, we will proceed with the translation. If you have not worked with us before, a contract for translations will be approved and signed simultaneously with the translation work so this will not affect the timeframe for us to deliver the work.

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Alexander Vinogradov

Deputy Chief Executive Officer